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Therefore, they no longer thought of their Creator nor their Maker, nor of those who made 

them and cared for them.

These were the first men who existed in great numbers on the face of the earth.

I. Chapter 3

Immediately the wooden figures were annihilated, destroyed, broken up, and killed.

A flood was brought about by the Heart of Heaven; a great flood was formed which fell on 

the heads of the wooden creatures.

Of tzit́ the flesh of man was made, but when woman was fashioned by the Creator and the 

Maker, her flesh was made of rushes. These were the materials the Creator and the Maker 

wanted to use in making them.

But those that they had made, that they had created, did not think, did not speak with their 

Creator, their Maker. And for this reason they were killed, they were deluged. A heavy resin 
fell from the sky. The one called Xecotcovach came and gouged out their eyes; Camalotz 

came and cut off their heads; Cotzbalam came and devoured their flesh. Tucumbalam came, 
too, and broke and mangled their bones and their nerves, and ground and crumbled their 


This was to punish them because they had not thought of their mother, nor their father, the 

Heart of Heaven, called Huraćn. And for this reason the face of the earth was darkened and a 

black rain began to fall, by day and by night.

Then came the small animals and the large animals, and sticks and stones struck their faces. 

And all began to speak: their earthen jars, their griddles, their plates, their pots, their grinding 
stones, all rose up and struck their faces.

"You have done us much harm; you ate us, and now we shall kill you," said their dogs and 
birds of the barnyard.

And the grinding stones said: "We were tormented by you; every day, every day, at night, at 

dawn, all the time our faces went holi, holi, huqui, huqui, because of you. This was the tribute 

we paid you. But now that you are no longer men, you shall feel our strength. We shall grind 
and tear your flesh to pieces," said their grinding stones.

And then their dogs spoke and said: "Why did you give us nothing to eat? You scarcely 
looked at us, but you chased us and threw us out. You always had a stick ready to strike us 

while you were eating.

"Thus it was that you treated us. You did not speak to us. Perhaps we shall not kill you now; 

but why did you not look ahead, why did you not think about yourselves? Now we shall 

destroy you, now you shall feel the teeth of our mouths; we shall devour you," said the dogs, 
and then, they destroyed their faces.

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