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And said Huraćn, Tepeu, and Gucumatz when they spoke to the soothsayer, to the Maker, 

who are the diviners: "You must work together and find the means so that man, whom we 
shall make, man, whom we are going to make, will nourish and sustain us, invoke and 

remember us.

"Enter, then, into council, grandmother, grandfather, our grandmother, our grandfather, 

Xpiyacoc, Xmucań, make light, make dawn. have us invoked, have us adored, have us 
remembered by created man, by made man, by mortal man. Thus be it done.

"Let your nature be known, Hunahṕ-Vuch, Hunahṕ-Utí, twice-mother, twice-father, Nim- 
Ac, Nima-Tzís, the master of emeralds, the worker in jewels, the sculptor, the carver, the 

maker of beautiful plates, the maker of green gourds, the master of resin, the master Toltecat, 

grandmother of the sun, grandmother of dawn, as you will be called by our works and our 

"Cast the lot with your grains of corn and tzit́. Do it thus and we shall know if we are to 
make, or carve his mouth and eyes out of wood." Thus the diviners were told.

They went down at once to make their divination, and cast their lots with the corn and the 

tzit́. "Fate! Creature!" said an old woman and an old man. And this old man was the one who 

cast the lots with Tzit́, the one called Xpiyacoc. And the old woman was the diviner, the 
maker, called Chiraćn Xmucań.

Beginning the divination, they said: "Get together, grasp each other! Speak, that we may 
hear." They said, "Say if it is well that the wood be got together and that it be carved by the 

Creator and the Maker, and if this [man of wood] is he who must nourish and sustain us when 

there is light when it is day!

"Thou, corn; thou, tzit́; thou, fate; thou, creature; get together, take each other," they said to 

the corn, to the tzit́, to fate, to the creature. "Come to sacrifice here, Heart of Heaven; do not 
punish Tepeu and Gucumatz!"

Then they talked and spoke the truth: "Your figures of wood shall come out well; they shall 

speak and talk on earth."

"So may it be," they answered when they spoke.

And instantly the figures were made of wood. They looked like men, talked like men, and 
populated the surface of the earth.

They existed and multiplied; they had daughters, they had sons, these wooden figures; but 
they did not have souls, nor minds, they did not remember their Creator, their Maker; they 

walked on all fours, aimlessly.

They no longer remembered the Heart of Heaven and therefore they fell out of favor. It was 

merely a trial, an attempt at man. At first they spoke, but their face was without expression; 

their feet and hands had no strength; they had no blood, nor substance, nor moisture, nor 
flesh; their cheeks were dry, their feet and hands were dry, and their flesh was yellow.

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