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Only by a miracle, only by magic art were the mountains and valleys formed; and instantly 

the groves of cypresses and pines put forth shoots together on the surface of the earth.

And thus Gucumatz was filled with joy, and exclaimed: "Your coming has been fruitful, Heart 
of Heaven; and you, Huraćn, and you, Chipi-Caculh́, Raxa-Caculh́!"

"Our work, our creation shall be finished," they answered.

First the earth was formed, the mountains and the valleys; the currents of water were divided, 

the rivulets were running freely between the hills, and the water was separated when the high 
mountains appeared.

Thus was the earth created, when it was formed by the Heart of Heaven, the Heart of Earth, as 
they are called who first made it fruitful, when the sky was in suspense, and the earth was 

submerged in the water.

So it was that they made perfect the work, when they did it after thinking and meditating upon 


I. Chapter 2

Then they made the small wild animals, the guardians of the woods, the spirits of the 

mountains, the deer, the birds, pumas, jaguars, serpents, snakes. vipers, guardians of the 

And the Forefathers asked: 'Shall there be only silence and calm under the trees, under the 
vines? It is well that hereafter there be someone to guard them."

So they said when they meditated and talked. Promptly the deer and the birds were created. 
immediately they gave homes to the deer and the birds. "You, deer, shall sleep in the fields by 

the river bank and in the ravines. Here you shall be amongst the thicket, amongst the pasture; 

in the woods you shall multiply, you shall walk on four feet and they will support you. Thus 
be it done!" So it was they spoke.

Then they also assigned homes to the birds big and small. "You shall live in the trees and in 

the vines. There you shall make your nests; there you shall multiply; there you shall increase 

in the branches of the trees and in the vines." Thus the deer and the birds were told; they did 
their duty at once, and all sought their homes and their nests.

And the creation of all the four-footed animals and the birds being finished, they were told by 
the Creator and the Maker and the Forefathers: "Speak, cry, warble, call, speak each one 

according to your variety, each, according to your kind." So was it said to the deer, the birds, 

pumas, jaguars, and serpents.

"Speak, then, our names, praise us, your mother, your father. Invoke then, Huraćn, Chipi- 

Caculh́, Raxa-Caculh́, the Heart of Heaven, the Heart of Earth, the Creator, the Maker, the 
Forefathers; speak, invoke us, adore us," they were told.

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