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THIS IS THE BEGINNING of the old traditions of this place called Quich́.

Here we shall write and we shall begin the old stories, the beginning and the origin of all that 
was done in the town of the Quich́, by the tribes of the Quich́ nation.

And here we shall set forth the revelation, the declaration, and the narration of all that was 
hidden, the revelation by Tzacol, Bitol, Alom, Qaholom, who are called Hunahṕ-Vuch, 

Hunahṕ-Utí, Zaqui-Niḿ-Tzís, Tepeu, Gucumatz, u Qux cho, u Qux Paĺ, Ali Rax́ Lac, 

Ah Rax́ Tzel, as they were called. And [at the same time] the declaration, the combined 
narration of the Grandmother and the Grandfather, whose names are Xpiyacoc, and Xmucań, 

helpers and protectors, twice grandmother, twice grandfather, so called in the Quich́ 
chronicles. Then we shall tell all that they did in the light of existence, in the light of history.

This we shall write now under the Law of God and Christianity; we shall bring it to light 
because now the Popol Vuh, as it is called, cannot be seen any more, in which was dearly seen 

the coming from the other side of the sea and the narration of our obscurity, and our life was 

clearly seen. The original book, written long ago, existed, but its sight is hidden to the 
searcher and to the thinker. Great were the descriptions and the account of how all the sky and 

earth were formed, how it was formed and divided into four parts; how it was partitioned, and 

how the sky was divided; and the measuring-cord was brought, and it was stretched in the sky 
and over the earth, on the four angles, on the four corners, as was told by the Creator and the 

Maker, the Mother and the Father of Life, of all created things, he who gives breath and 

thought, she who gives birth to the children, he who watches over the happiness of the people, 
the happiness of the human race, the wise man, he who meditates on the goodness of all that 

exists in the sky, on the earth, in the lakes and in the sea.

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