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thorny calabash trees. There were very many calabash trees, but they passed through them 

without hurting themselves.

Then they came to the bank of a river of blood and crossed it without drinking its waters; they 
only went to the river bank and so they were not overcome. They went on until they came to 

where four roads joined, and there at the crossroads they were overcome.

One of the four roads was red, another black, another white, and another yellow. And the 

black road said to them: "I am the one you must take because I am the way of the Lord." So 

said the road.

And from here on they were already overcome. They were taken over the road to Xibalba and 

when they arrived at the council room of the Lords of Xibalba, they had already lost the 

Well, the first ones who were seated there were only figures of wood, arranged by the men of 
Xibalba. These they greeted first:

"How are you, Hun-Caḿ?" they said to the wooden man. "How are you, Vucub-Caḿ?" they 
said to the other wooden man. But they did not answer. instantly the Lords of Xibalba burst 

into laughter and all the other lords began to laugh loudly, because they already took for 
granted the downfall and defeat of Hun-Hunahṕ and Vucub-Hunahṕ. And they continued to 


Then Hun-Caḿ and Vucub-Caḿ spoke: "Very well," they said. "You have come. 

Tomorrow you shall prepare the mask, your rings, and your gloves," they said.

"Come and sit down on our bench," they said. But the bench which they offered them was of 

hot stone, and when they sat down they were burned. They began to squirm around on the 

bench, and if they had not stood up they would have burned their seats.

The Lords of Xibalba burst out laughing again; they were dying of laughter; they writhed 

from pain in their stomach, in their blood, and in their bones, caused by their laughter, all the 
Lords of Xibalba laughed.

"Go now to that house," they said. "There you will get your sticks of fat pine and your cigar 

and there you shall sleep."

Immediately they arrived at the House of Gloom. There was only darkness within the house. 

Meanwhile the Lords of Xibalba discussed what they should do.

"Let us sacrifice them tomorrow, let them die quickly, quickly, so that we can have their 

playing gear to use in play," said the Lords of Xibalba to each other.

Well, their fat-pine sticks were round and were called zaquitoc, which is the pine of Xibalba. 

Their fat-pine sticks were pointed and filed and were as bright as bone; the pine of Xibalba 

was very hard.

Hun-Hunahṕ and Vucub-Hunahṕ entered the House of Gloom. There they were given their 
fat-pine sticks, a single lighted stick which Hun-Caḿ and Vucub-Caḿ sent them, together

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