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II. Chapter 2

THE messengers of Hun-Caḿ and Vucub-Caḿ arrived immediately.

"Go, Ahpop Achih!" they were told. "Go and call Hun-Hunahṕ and Vucub-Hunahṕ. Say to 

them, 'Come with us. The lords say that you must come.' They must come here to play ball 
with us so that they shall make us happy, for really they amaze us. So, then, they must come," 

said the lords. "And have them bring their playing gear, their rings, their gloves, and have 

them bring their rubber balls, too," said the lords. "Tell them to come quickly," they told the 

And these messengers were owls: Chabi-Tucur, Huraćn-Tucur, Caquix-Tucur and Holom- 
Tucur. These were the names of the messengers of Xibalba.

Chabi-Tucur was swift as an arrow; Huraćn-Tucur had only one leg; Caquix-Tucur had a red 
back, and Holom-Tucur had only a head, no legs, but he had wings.

The four messengers had the rank of Ahpop-Achih. Leaving Xibalba, they arrived quickly, 
bringing their message to the court where Hun-Hunahṕ and Vucub-Hunahṕ were playing 

ball, at the ball-court which was called Nim-Xob-Carchah. The owl messengers went directly 
to the ball-court and delivered their message exactly as it was given to them by Hun-Caḿ, 

Vucub-Caḿ, Ahalpuh, Ahalgań, Chamiabac, Chamiaholom, Xiquiripat, Cuchumaquic, 

Ahalmez, Ahaltocob, Xic, and Pat́n, as the lords were called who sent the message by the 

"Did the Lords Hun-Caḿ and Vucub-Caḿ really say that we must go with you?"

"They certainly said so, and 'Let them bring all their playing gear,' the lords said."

"Very well," said the youths. "Wait for us, we are only going to say good-bye to our mother."

And having gone straight home, they said to their mother, for their father was dead: "We are 
going, our mother, but our going is only for a while. The messengers of the lord have come to 

take us. 'They must come,' they said, according to the messengers.

"We shall leave our ball here in pledge," they added. They went immediately to hang it in the 

space under the rooftree. "We will return to play," they said.

And going to Hunbatz and Hunchoún they said to them: "Keep on playing the flute and 

singing, painting, and carving; warm our house and warm the heart of your grandmother."

When they took leave of their mother, Xmucań was moved and burst into tears. "Do not 

worry, we are going, but we have not died yet," said Hun-Hunahṕ and Vucub-Hunahṕ as 
they left.

Hun-Hunahṕ and Vucub-Hunahṕ went immediately and the messengers took them on the 
road. Thus they were descending the road to Xibalba, by some very steep stairs. They went 

down until they came to the bank of a river which flowed rapidly between the ravines called 
Nuziv́n cul and Cuziv́n, and crossed it. Then they crossed the river which flows among

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