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And having gone to play ball on the road to Xibalba, they were overheard by Hun-Caḿ and 

Vucub-Caḿ, the lords of Xibalba.

"What are they doing on earth? Who are they who are making the earth shake, and making so 
much noise? Go and call them! Let them come here to play ball. Here we will overpower 

them! We are no longer respected by them. They no longer have consideration, or fear of our 

rank, and they even fight above our heads," said all the lords of Xibalba.

All of them held a council. Those called Hun-Caḿ and Vucub-Caḿ were the supreme 

judges. All the lords had been assigned their duties. Each one was given his own authority by 
Hun-Caḿ and Vucub-Caḿ.

They were, then, Xiquiripat and Cuchumaquic lords of these names. They were the two who 
caused the shedding of blood of the men.

Others were called Ahalpuh and Ahalgań, also lords. And their work was to make men swell 
and make pus gush forth from their legs and stain their faces yellow, what is called Chuganal. 

Such was the work of Ahalpuh and Ahalgań.

Others were Lord Chamiabac and Lord Chamiaholom, constables of Xibalba whose staffs 

were of bone. Their work was to make men waste away until they were nothing but skin and 
bone and they died, and they carried them With their stomach and bones stretched out. This 

was the work of Chamiabac and Chamiaholom, as they were called.

Others were called Lord Ahalmez and Lord Ahaltocob; their work was to bring disaster upon 

men, as they were going home, or in front of it, and they would be found wounded, stretched 

out, face up, on the ground, dead. This was the work of Ahalmez and Ahaltocob, as they were 

Immediately after them were other lords named Xic and Pat́n whose work it was to cause 
men to die on the road, which is called sudden death, making blood to rush to their mouths 

until they died vomiting blood. The work of each one of these lords was to seize upon them, 
squeeze their throats and chests, so that the men died on the road, making the blood rush to 

their throats when they were walking. This was the work of Xic and Pat́n.

And having gathered in council, they discussed how to torment and wound Hun-Hunahṕ and 

Vucub-Hunahṕ. What the Lords of Xibalba coveted were the playing implements of Hun- 

Hunahṕ and Vucub-Hunahṕ-their leather pads and rings and gloves and crown and masks 
which were the playing gear of Hun-Hunahṕ and Vucub-Hunahṕ.

Now we shall tell of their journey to Xibalba and how they left behind them the sons of Hun- 
Hunahṕ, Hunbatz, and [Hun] Choún, whose mother had died.

Then we shall tell how Hunbatz and Hunchoún were overcome by Hunahṕ and Xbalanqú.

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