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Then he asked them: "What is that you eat? The smell is really savoury. Give me a little 

piece," he said to them.

Then they gave a bird to Cabraćn, the one which would be his ruin; and when he had 
finished eating it, they set out toward the east where the great mountain was. But already 

Cabraćn's legs and hands were weakening and he had no strength because of the earth with 

which the bird he had eaten was rubbed, and he could do nothing to the mountains. Neither 
was it possible to level them.

Then the boys tied him, they tied his hands behind him and also tied his neck and his feet 
together. Then they threw him to the ground and there they buried him.

In this way Cabraćn was overcome by Hunahṕ and Xbalanqú. It would be impossible to 
tell of all the things they did here on earth.

Now we shall tell of the birth of Hunahṕ and Xbalanqú, having first told of the destruction 
of Vucub-Caquix and that of Zipacń and of Cabraćn, here on earth.

PART II: Chapter 1

Now we shall also tell the name of the father of Hunahṕ and Xbalanqú. We shall not tell his 

origin and we shall not tell the history of the birth of Hunahṕ and Xbalanqú. We shall tell 

only half of it, only a part of the history of his father.

Here is the story. Here are the names of Hun-Hunahṕ [and Vucub-Hunahṕ], as they are 

called. Their parents were Xpiyacoc and Xmucań. During the night Hun-Hunahṕ and 
Vucub-Hunahṕ were born of Xpiyacoc and Xmucań.

Well now, Hun-Hunahṕ had begotten two sons; the first was called Hunbatz and the second 

The mother of the two sons was called Xbaquiyalo. Thus was the wife of Hun-Hunahṕ 
called. As for the other son, Vucub-Hunahṕ, he had no wife; he was single.

By nature these two sons were very wise, and great was their wisdom; on earth they were 

soothsayers of good disposition and good habits. All the arts were taught to Hunbatz and 

Hunchoún, the sons of Hun-Hunahṕ. They were flautists, singers, shooters with blowguns, 
painters, sculptors, jewelers, silversmiths; these were Hunbatz and Hunchoún.

Well, Hun-Hunahṕ and Vucub-Hunahṕ did nothing but play dice and ball A day long; and 
when the four got together to play ball, one pair played against the other pair.

And Voc, the messenger of Huraćn, of Chipi-Caculh́, of Raxa-Caculh́ came there to watch 
them, but Voc did not stay far from the earth nor far from Xibalba, and in an instant he went 
up to heaven to the side of Huraćn.

They were still here on earth when the mother of Hunbatz and Hunchoún died.

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