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"Oh, unfortunate me! Won't you accompany me, boys? Come and show it to me. There are 

many birds which you can shoot with your blowguns and I know where to find them," said 

His meekness convinced the boys. And they asked him: But, can you really catch him? 

Because it is only for you that we are returning; we are not going to try to get it again because 

it bit us when we were crawling into the cave. After that we were afraid to crawl in, but we 
almost caught it. So, then, it is best that you crawl in," they said.

"Very well," said Zipacń, and then they went with him. They arrived at the bottom of the 
ravine and there, stretched on his back, was the crab, showing his red shell. And there also in 

the bottom of the ravine was the boys' hoax.

"Good! Good!" said Zipacń happily. "I should like to have it in my mouth already!" And he 

was really dying of hunger. He wanted to try to crawl in, he wanted to enter, but the crab was 

climbing. He came out at once and the boys asked, "Did you not get it?"

"No," he answered," because he was going up and I almost caught him. But perhaps it would 
be good if I go in from above," he added. And then he entered again from above, but as he 

was almost inside, with only the soles of his feet showing, the great hill slid and fell slowly 

down on his chest.

Zipacń never returned and he was changed into stone.

In this way Zipacń was defeated by the two boys, Hunahṕ and Xbalanqú; he was the elder 

son of Vucub-Caquix, and he, according to the ancient legend, was the one who made the 


At the foot of the hill called Meagún he was vanquished. Only by a miracle was he 

vanquished, the second of the arrogant ones. One was left, whose history we shall tell now.

I. Chapter 9

The third of the arrogant ones was the second son of Vucub-Caquix who was called Cabraćn. 

"I demolish the mountains," he said.

But Hunahṕ and Xbalanqú also defeated Cabraćn. Huraćn, Chipi-Caculh́, and Raxa- 

Caculh́ talked and said to Hunahṕ and Xbalanqú:

"Let the second son of Vucub-Caquix also be defeated. This is our will, for it is not well what 

they do on earth, exalting their glory, their grandeur, and their power, and it must not be so. 

Lure him to where the sun rises," said Huraćn to the two youths.

"Very well, honored sir," they answered, "because what we see is not right. Do you not exist, 

you who are the peace, you, Heart of Heaven?" said the boys as they listened to the command 
of Huraćn.

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