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It was only to bring about the death of Vucub-Caquix that they did this, because it seemed 

wicked to them that he should become so arrogant.

And then the two youths went on, having in this way carried out the order of the Heart of 

I. Chapter 7

Here now are the deeds of Zipacń the elder son of Vucub-Caquix. 

"I am the creator of the mountains," said Zipacń.

Zipacń was bathing at the edge of a river when four hundred youths passed dragging a log to 

support their house. The four hundred were walking, after having cut down a large tree to 

make the ridge-pole of their house.

Then Zipacń came up, and going toward the four hundred youths, said to them: "What are 

you doing, boys?"

"It is only this log," they answered, "which we cannot lift and carry on our shoulders."

"I will carry it. Where does it have to go? What do you want it for?"

"For a ridge-pole for our house."

"All right," he answered, and lifting it up, he put it on his shoulders and carried it to the 
entrance of the house of the four hundred boys.

"Now stay with us, boy," they said. "Have you a mother or father;"

"I have neither," he answered.

"Then we shall hire you tomorrow to prepare another log to support our house." 

"Good," he answered.

The four hundred boys talked together then. and said:

"How shall we kill this boy? Because it is not good what he has done lifting the log alone. Let 

us make a big hole and push him so that he will fall into it. 'Go down and take out the earth 
and carry it from the pit,' we shall tell him. and when he stoops down, to go down into the pit, 

we shall let the large log fall on him and he will die there in the pit."

So said the four hundred boys, and then they dug a large, very deep pit. Then they called 


"We like you very much. Go, go and dig dirt, for we cannot reach [the bottom of the pit]," 

they said.

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