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"We come looking for something to eat, honorable sir," they answered. 

"And what do you eat? Are those not your sons who are with you?"

"Oh, no, sir! They are our grandsons; but we are sorry for them and what is given to us, we 

share with them, sir," answered the old woman and the old man.

Meanwhile, the lord was suffering terrible pain from his tooth, and it was only with great 

difficulty that he could speak.

"I earnestly beseech you to have pity on me. What can you do? What do you know how to 

cure?" the lord asked them.

And the old ones answered, "Oh, sir! we only take the worm from the teeth, cure the eyes, and 

set bones."

"Very well. Cure my teeth, which are really making me suffer day and night, and because of 

them and of my eyes I cannot be calm and cannot sleep. All of this is because two demons 

shot me with a pellet [from their blowgun] and for that reason I cannot eat. Have pity on me, 
then, tighten my teeth with your hands."

"Very well, sir. It is a worm which makes you suffer. It will end when these teeth are pulled 

and others put in their place."

"It is not well that you pull my teeth, because it is only with them that I am a lord and all my 

ornaments are my teeth and my eyes."

"'We will put others of ground bone in their place." But the ground bone was nothing but 

grains of white corn.

"Very well, pull them out, come and relieve me," he replied.

Then they pulled Vucub-Caquix's teeth; but in their place they put only grains of white corn, 
and these grains of corn shone in his mouth. Instantly his features sagged and he no longer 

looked like a lord. They removed the rest of his teeth which shone like pearls in his mouth. 

And finally they cured Vucub-Caquix's eyes, piercing the pupils of his eyes, and they took all 
his riches.

But he felt nothing any more. He only watched, because at the advice of Hunahṕ and 

Xbalanqú, they took from him all of the things of which he had been so proud.

Then Vucub-Caquix died. Hun-Hunahṕ recovered his arm. Chimalmat, the wife of Vucub- 

Caquix, also perished.

In this way Vucub-Caquix lost his riches. The healer took all the emeralds and precious stones 

which had been his pride here on earth.

The old woman and the old man who did this were miraculous beings; and having recovered 

the arm of Hun-Hunahṕ, they put it in place, and it was all right again.

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