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I. Chapter 6

Now we shall tell how the two youths shot their blowguns at Vucub-Caquix and how each 
one of those, who had become arrogant, was destroyed.

Vucub-Caquix had a large nantze tree and he ate the fruit of it. Each day he went to the tree 
and climbed to the top. Hunahṕ and Xbalanqú had seen that this fruit was his food. And 

they lay in ambush at the foot of the tree, hidden among the leaves. Vucub-Caquix came 

straight to his meal of nantzes.

Instantly he was injured by a discharge from Hun-Hunahṕ's blowgun which struck him 

squarely in the jaw, and screaming, he fell straight to earth from the treetop.

Hun-Hunahṕ ran quickly to overpower him, but Vucub-Caquix seized his arm and 

wrenching it from him, bent it back to the shoulder. In this way Vucub-Caquix tore out Hun- 
Hunahṕ's arm. Surely the two youths did well in not letting themselves be defeated first by 


Carrying Hun-Hunahṕ's arm, Vucub-Caquix went home, and arrived there nursing his jaw. 

"What has happened to you, my lord?" said Chimalmat, his wife.

"What could it be, but those two demons who shot me with blowguns and dislocated my jaw? 
For that reason my teeth are loose and pain me very much. But I have brought it [his arm], to 

put it on the fire. Let it hang there over the fire, for surely these demons will come looking for 

it." So said Vucub-Caquix as he hung up the arm of Hun-Hunahṕ.

Having thought it over, Hun-Hunahṕ and Xbalanqú went to talk with an old man who had 

snow-white hair and with an old woman, really very old and humble, both already bent, like 
very old people. The old man was called Zaqui-Nim-Ac and the old woman, Zaqui-Nima- 

Tzís. The youths said to the old woman and the old man:

"Come with us to Vucub-Caquix's house to get our arm. We will follow you, and you shall 

tell them: 'These with us are our grandchildren; their mother and father are dead; so they 
follow us everywhere we are given alms, for the only thing that we know how to do is take 

the worm from the teeth.'

"So Vucub-Caquix shall think we are boys and we shall also be there to advise you," said the 

two youths.

"Very well," answered the old man and woman.

Then they started out for the place where they found Vucub-Caquix reclining on his throne. 
The old woman and man walked along followed by the two boys, who stayed behind them. In 

this way they arrived at the house of the lord who was screaming because his tooth pained 


When Vucub-Caquix saw the old man and the old woman and those who accompanied them, 
he asked, "Where do you come from, grandparents?"

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