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because the light of the sun and the moon had not yet shown itself His only ambition was to 

exalt himself and to dominate. And all this happened when the flood came because of the 

Now we shall tell how Vucub-Caquix was overthrown and died, and how man was made by 

the Creator and the Maker.

I. Chapter 5

THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE DEFEAT and the ruin of the glory of Vucub-Caquix 

brought about by two youths, the first of whom was called Hunahṕ and the second, 

Xbalanqú. They were really gods. When they saw the harm which the arrogant one had done, 
and wished to do, in the presence of the Heart of Heaven, the youths said:

"It is not good that it be so, when man does not yet live here on earth. Therefore, we shall try 
to shoot him with our blowgun when he is eating. We shall shoot him and make him sicken, 

and then that will be the end of his riches, his green stones, his precious metals, his emeralds, 
his jewels of which he is so proud. And this shall be the lot of all men, for they must not 

become vain, because of power and riches.

"Thus shall it be," said the youths, each one putting his blowgun to his shoulder.

Well, now Vucub-Caquix had two sons: the first was called Zipacń, the second was 
Cabraćn; and the mother of the two was called Chimalmat, the wife of Vucub-Caquix.

Well, Zipacń played ball with the large mountains: with Chigag, Hunahṕ, Pecul, 
Yaxcanul, Macamob, and Huliznab. These are the names of the mountains which existed 

when it dawned and which were created in a single night by Zipacń.

In this way, then, Cabraćn moved the mountains and made the large and small mountains 


And in this way the sons of Vucub-Caquix proclaimed their pride. "Listen! I am the sun!" said 

Vucub-Caquix. "I am he who made the earth!" said Zipacń. "I am he who shook the sky and 
made the earth tremble!" said Cabraćn, In this way the sons of Vucub-Caquix followed the 

example of their father's assumed greatness. And this seemed very evil to the youths. Neither 

our first mother nor our first father had yet been created.

Therefore, the deaths of Vucub-Caquix and his sons and their destruction was decided upon 

by the youths.

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