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on particle proximity and relative motion. Why these effects exist at 

their most basic level is not understood in any way.

I will be presenting new, fundamental theories in this book that I 

have received in communications with Ra. Most of them will have to 

do with things other than physics or chemistry simply because these 

studies are primitive and unimportant from Ra’s viewpoint. What we 

will tend to focus our studies upon is ourselves. Once we understand 

ourselves the rest will be easy.

Ra’s primary mission in coming to Earth 11,000 years ago was to 

import knowledge that would allow Earthman to understand himself.

The “meaning of life” has been so elusive for most of us that we tend 

to ignore the question in order to get on with our lives. A lot of us 

spend a very large part of our time trying to become economically 

“secure” and then realize that we don’t really know where we are 

going. Sometimes a religion provides solace for our bewilderment, 

and sometimes we just die with no more understanding of life at the 

moment of death than we had at the moment of birth.

The big question is “What is going on?” As an exercise in awareness, 

mentally back off from the Earth about 40,000 miles so that the 

Earth looks about the size of a basketball. The atmosphere of our 

model is now about 1/166th of an inch thick and the four billion of us 

humans are too small to see, but we’re stuck all over the surface by 

that strange force we call gravity. The more you contemplate your 

environment, the more profound the mystery becomes.


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