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electronics as useful knowledge. Ra freely offered the Egyptians 

priceless information about their understanding of the fundamentals 

of the universe, but very little was comprehended. The same problem 

exists today. We are really in about the same shape as the Egyptians 

were in with respect to any basic understanding of fundamental 

principles of the universe. As I stated before, most of our knowledge 

is empirical. It has produced some impressive toys but no real 


The best way to find out how much we really know about our 

environment is to study the fundamentals of physics and chemistry.

Albert Einstein did this and decided that no existing physical theory 

was adequate. He intuitively sensed a unity in all phenomena that 

had not been uncovered by any theoretical approach. It is common 

knowledge that his greatest effort was put forth in an attempt to 

develop a unified field theory. This would be a theory that would 

produce an adequate philosophical base for all natural phenomena 

such as gravitation, electromagnetic radiation, etc. To try and explain 

where we are in scientific achievement I’ll make a simple analogy.

Let’s suppose that a primitive society somehow comes across a 

modern automobile. After a few hundred years of study of this vehicle 

they have formed theories about its working parts and after a suitable 

length of time can even operate it. The native “scientists” would be 

revered as having great knowledge and understanding of the mysteries 

of physics. However, they probably would penetrate the subject just 

far enough to “make it go.”

It’s hard for the layman to believe that we are actually in the same 

shape with respect to real knowledge of the universe as the native 

“scientists” were about the car, but this is the case.

There is a profound mystery at the base of all science. Einstein knew 

this and puzzled over it until his death. Most people working in 

scientific endeavors don’t worry about or even think about these 

mysteries simply because it’s impossible for most of them to make a 

living doing so. A large percentage of them went past these basic 

mysteries so fast in undergraduate school that they failed to notice 

that they existed. For instance, our applications of electrical theory 

are so complex that it is easy to lose sight of the fact that it is all based


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