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contact is still occurring. It takes many forms, one of which is what 

we call the UFO phenomenon.

There was a time in Earth’s history when the contact wasn’t “soft.” 

Extraterrestrial craft landed on Earth and direct contact was made 

with certain populations.

One of these landings occurred in Egypt 11,000 years ago. The 

extraterrestrials that landed there were known as “Ra.”

The “Ra” civilization contacted my research group the first time on 

January 15, 1981. There have been over one hundred contacts with 

my group since then. They told us that they had come to Earth 

11,000 years ago in an attempt to offer their knowledge to the most 

advanced culture of that time. They had not realized how difficult 

communication would be, and, after considerable effort, gave up their 

instructional effort and left Earth. The people at that time simply 

couldn’t understand the concepts offered by them.

Those of Ra did, however, continue to monitor closely activities on 

Earth with the hope of someday being able to rectify the 

misconceptions that originated with their first contact. This 11,000- 

year period of closely monitoring Earth equipped them with much 

more knowledge of our history, languages, etc. than we, ourselves, 

have. For this reason their communications with me are in the 

English language. In fact, their vocabulary is far greater than mine. 

They seem to know every word or concept ever used.

My research group was picked as a recipient of Ra’s current contact 

simply because we had acquired the minimal prerequisite knowledge 

to ask semi-intelligent questions.

Probably because of their failure to communicate the first time they 

contacted Earthman, they do not volunteer information, but limit 

themselves to answering questions. This guarantees at least a 

reasonable comprehension of their information. The material I will 

cover in this book has been obtained by the question-and-answer 

process in our work with Ra.

The Ra civilization is so different compared to ours that most of our 

present scholars in the physical sciences would not even bother to 

look carefully at the basis of Ra’s science. They would not recognize it 

as a science, just as an aboriginal native wouldn’t recognize a book on


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