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paradigm. They include all of those things that are “weird” or 

somewhat unbelievable; that are along the borderlines of human 


The important part of all this is that the solution to this complex 

puzzle was provided by the extraterrestrial contact described in this 

book, and most eloquently so. All of the puzzle parts fit together to 

make an understandable picture of the way things work and a new 

and workable paradigm for natural philosophy emerges. Practical 

applications in many fields become obvious, but the one salient 

objective of our extraterrestrial communicant overshadows all of 

these. We are told how to accelerate our personal mental 

development, how to become an active participant in our own 

evolutionary process. Perhaps we are being offered priceless 

information that can only be appreciated if we accept and then use it.

It seems that the technological advances that we hold in such great 

esteem at our present state of evolution are in no way comparable to 

what can be achieved with the mind. In this book is the foundation 

knowledge of the nature of mental evolution, a knowledge that may 

be of greater value than any technological advance.

The basic problem with telling this story is finding a starting place. 

There are many concepts and explanations that I’ll skip over and try 

to pick up later. The reason for this is that we have a lot of very 

advanced concepts that really change the current, accepted way of 

looking at things. For this reason, I’m going to leave more detailed 

explanations of communication methods and justifications of the 

material until after the basic concepts have been covered. I am trying 

in this book to present information that I consider to be a giant step 

forward in the understanding of the universe. This is not very easy to 

do because there is a natural tendency to attempt to link new 

concepts with old ideas. In this case it simply doesn’t work. So please 

be patient while I try to establish a common base of communication 

with my readers.

A lot of things will be mentioned about which you have some 

previous information. Don’t jump to conclusions based on previous 

knowledge. Most of Earthman’s knowledge is a garbled version of a 

more universal knowledge. Most of our technology, philosophy and 

theology are due to a very “soft” extraterrestrial influence. This “soft”


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