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On January 15, 1981, my research group started receiving 

communications from a source identifying itself as an extraterrestrial 

race known as “Ra.” Within six months of the initial contact we 

published a report of approximately 70,000 words of this contact. 

That and subsequent reports were so well received by a large number 

of readers that I found it reasonable to prepare an explanatory text so 

that the information would be more understandable to the casual 

reader. This book is that text.

In 1955 I started gathering what I like to call puzzle parts. They were 

bits of empirical information from lots of diversified sources. They 

were what you might call the unexplained pieces of natural 

philosophy. After a while it became obvious to me that all human 

knowledge was of an empirical nature and that actually nothing was 

“explained” in an absolute sense. This is quickly apparent in some 

studies like atomic physics or the biological sciences. Actually nothing 

can be said to be completely understood. There is always a point 

beyond which knowledge stops.

As an example, consider something easy to explain like a 

thunderstorm. The problem is that in order to “explain” this 

phenomenon we have to talk about charged particles, and all the 

information we have about what we call charged particles is empirical. 

We don’t know what causes them, why they display an action-at-a- 

distance force effect, or really why they exist in nature. It turns out 

that if we attempt to trace any phenomenon back to its fundamental 

essence we run into this type of mystery.

I discovered that I was living in a very mysterious environment. The 

problem that most of us have in recognizing this fact is that we 

become conscious of our surroundings very slowly. From the time of 

our birth into this world until the present we accept what we 

encounter as a normal part of what we call reality with very little 

question about its actual nature. To get an idea of what I mean, close 

your eyes and try to imagine that you have never been able to see and 

don’t know what your world looks like. Then open them and try to 

understand how startling the environment you consider “normal” 

really is.

This “normal” environment is not only very mysterious but within it 

are even more mysterious parts that do not fit our current scientific


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