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Ever since our astronauts first walked on the moon, the question of 

“The Big Silence” has become more and more profound. “The Big 

Silence” is the reference to the fact that, although after a very short 

technical history we have begun space travel, no extraterrestrial has 

contacted us.

It has become somewhat scientifically unfashionable to assume that 

we are the only life in the universe or, if there are other civilizations, 

that we are the most advanced. Those who still stick to this archaic 

theory use “The Big Silence” as evidence that we must be the only 

intelligent life in the universe since, statistically, if there were any 

others there should be lots of others. If there are lots of others then, 

statistically speaking, we should have been contacted long ago.

So we build giant telescopes, both optical and radio, but still we fail 

to get the faintest whisper necessary to break “The Big Silence.”

When I was first introduced to the study of history I asked, “Why 

study the past?” The answer was, “So as to not make the same 

mistakes in the future!” If we look at the history of scientific thought 

we will find an extreme resistance to change that seems to be the rule. 

The exception, quite often, is the radical thinker who later becomes 

an historical figure himself due to his refusal to accept approved 

theory. There have been, of course, many radical thinkers who were 

wrong. The test of the new theory is the important phase of scientific 

advance. The big problem has always been to get the scientific 

community to look seriously at any theory that is not very closely 

associated with current scientific thought.

If one of our radio telescopes suddenly started picking up signals 

from space and the decoding of these resulted in information telling 

us just what we expected, I believe this would be more suspicious 

than “The Big Silence” itself. The one thing that should be most 

expected of an extraterrestrial contact is the unexpected.

The reason that I am writing this book is to report what is quite 

possibly the solution to “The Big Silence.”


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