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Editor’s Introduction

In the summer of 1983, Don Elkins decided that it was time to try to 

write a book that would introduce the Law of One information we 

had gained through the Ra contact to the average person on the 

street. The following pages are the beginning of that book. It was 

originally published in a very limited edition of only about two dozen 


Don never got any further than the first page of the second chapter 

because he, Carla and I became involved with the process of moving 

our household from Louisville to Cumming, Georgia. And it was 

during the five months that we spent in our Lake Lanier house that 

his physical and then mental energies began to dissipate and distort.

I am sure that Don had further editing of this material planned, and 

you can see that from the combination of a couple of “page one 

beginnings” in his Introduction that resulted from his editing two 

different copies of the rough draft at two different times. Don was 

famous for his “page ones” that never saw a page two, so the fact that 

he completed an entire chapter of this book is extraordinary and 

indicates that he fully intended to carry through with this particular 

project. The fact that the project was never finished and the fact that 

what was written lacks his final proofreading touches are indeed 

unfortunate, but we can rejoice that he did write this first fascinating 

chapter in his attempt to explain the meaning of life. No smaller 

topic could have motivated Don to exceed the first page of a writing 

effort, and only a person like Don Elkins would have dared to dream 

of undertaking a topic of such monumental proportions.

I hope that you will enjoy this book. All quotes are from the Ra 


In Love & Light, 

Jim McCarty 

December 1989


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