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Chapter One

from intelligent energy to intelligent infinity opens, regardless of 

circumstance, on the striking of the hour.

At this point the core frequency of some atomic particles increases 

into the orange range. Some oxygen atoms convert to nitrogen and 

carbon atoms, and amino acids are formed. The complete vibrational 

transition into second density results (on this planet) in the evolution 

from single-celled life forms and continues through to Neanderthal 


A planet has seven of these vibrational changes to experience in its 

evolutionary process. Earth entered its third-density cycle a little 

more than 75,000 years ago, when the core frequency of some atoms 

achieved the yellow range of the spectrum as a result of galactic 

rotation and the consequent electromagnetic realignment of the 

Earth’s field.

Because of this electromagnetic change in atomic structure, 

Neanderthal Man made a rapid transition to homo sapiens in a little 

over 1,300 years. The evolutionary process was designed to progress 

through these seven stages, then to cycle again and again, using the 

product to start the first stage of a new creation. We now find 

ourselves in the third stage of one of these cycles.

In our galaxy there are planets in each stage of evolution. There is 

much communication between civilizations more evolved than third 

density, but almost none at this third-density level. The reason that 

there have been so many UFOs reported in the last thirty or so years 

is that our planet is in the first part of its transition from third density 

to fourth density and has become of great interest to some fourth-, 

fifth- and sixth-density planetary populations. They come here in 

space ships that we call UFOs but make contact in such a way that 

concrete proof of their existence is seldom obtainable. In Session 6, 

recorded on January 24, 1981, Ra says,

Each planetary entity which wishes to appear within your third 

dimension of space/time distortion requests permission to break 

quarantine, as you may call it, and appear to your peoples. The 

reason and purpose for this appearance is understood and either 

accepted or rejected.


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