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Chapter One

or light by the focus or Love using Its intelligent energy to create a 

certain pattern of illusions or densities in order to satisfy Its own 

intelligent estimate of a method of knowing Itself. Thus the colors, as 

you call them, are as strait, or narrow, or necessary as is possible to 

express given the will of Love.

This information is a natural progression of inspection of the kinetic 

shape of your environment. You may understand each color or ray as 

being, as we had said, a very specific and accurate portion of 

intelligent energy’s representation of intelligent infinity, each ray 

having been previously inspected in other regards.

This information may be of aid here. We speak now non-specifically 

to increase the depth of your conceptualization of the nature of what 

is. The universe in which you live is recapitulation in each part of 

intelligent infinity. Thus you will see the same patterns repeated in 

physical and metaphysical areas; the rays or portions of light being, as 

you surmise, those areas of what you may call the physical illusion 

which rotate, vibrate, or are of a nature that may be, shall we say, 

counted or categorized in rotation manner in space/time as described 

by the one known as Dewey; some substances having various of the 

rays in a physical manifestation visible to the eye, this being apparent 

in the nature of your crystallized minerals which you count as 

precious, the ruby being red and so forth.

Densities and Rays

A planetary system is a product of the sun (or Logos) about which it 

rotates. When it is first formed it is entirely composed of atoms with 

core frequencies in the red range of the spectrum. This is called, in 

our communications, the first density. After a suitable time (in 

Earth’s case, about 2 billion years) there is a fundamental change in 

the structure of some of the atomic particles of the planet. This is 

caused by an electromagnetic change that is a function of the galactic 

spiraling motion. Ra says, in Session 9, collected on January 27, 


The timing of these cycles is a measurement equal to a portion of 

intelligent energy. This intelligent energy offers a type of clock. The 

cycles move as precisely as a clock strikes your hour. Thus the gateway


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