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Chapter One

Keep in mind the first three distortions of the original infinite 

intelligence and their order of development. They are: first, free will; 

second love; and thirdly, light. In Session 27, this conversation takes 

place between Ra and myself:

QUESTIONER: I understand that the first distortion of intelligent 

infinity is the distortion of what we call free will. Can you give me a 

definition of this distortion?

RA: I am Ra. In this distortion of the Law of One it is recognized 

that the Creator will know Itself.

QUESTIONER: Then am I correct in assuming that the Creator 

then grants for this knowing the concept of total freedom of choice in 

the ways of knowing?

RA: I am Ra. This is quite correct.

QUESTIONER: I would like for you to define love in its sense as the 

second distortion.

RA: I am Ra. This must be defined against the background of 

intelligent infinity or unity or the one Creator with the primal 

distortion of free will. The term, love, then, may be seen as the focus, 

the choice of attack, the type of energy of an extremely, shall we say, 

high order which causes intelligent energy to be formed from the 

potential of intelligent infinity in just such and such a way.

Thus in vibratory sense love comes into light in the sense of the 

activity of unity in Its free will. Love uses light and has the power to 

direct light in its distortions.

QUESTIONER: I will make a statement that I have extracted from 

the physics of Dewey Larson which may or may not be close to what 

we are trying to explain. Larson says that all is motion, which we can 

take as vibration, and that vibration is pure vibration and is not 

physical in any way or in any form or density. And the first product 

of that vibration is what we call the photon or particle of light. I am 

trying to make an analogy between this physical solution and the 

concept of love and light. Is this close to the concept of love creating 


RA: I am Ra. You are correct.


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