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Chapter One

parts is the product of the first distortion, which is free will. In 

Session 27, recorded on February 21, 1981, Ra says,

The nature of the vibratory patterns of your universe is dependent 

upon the configurations placed upon the original material or light by 

the focus or love using Its intelligent energy to create a certain pattern 

of illusions or densities in order to satisfy Its own intelligent estimate 

of a method of knowing Itself. Thus the colors as you call them, are as 

strait, or narrow, or necessary as is possible to express, given the will of 


If you pass white light through a prism it fans out into the rainbow of 

seven colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. These 

colors are the manifestation of a spectrum of increasing levels of 

energy. It can be noted, however, that there are discrete boundaries 

between colors, so as you might guess, there is some distinct 

difference between each of the seven parts of this energy spectrum. 

This is, indeed the case and it is a fundamental principle underlying 

the structure of creation.

When intelligent infinity (or the Creator) first condensed, through 

the process of the first, second and third distortions, to form the 

physical universe, the first manifestations were the stars of the galactic 

centers. The galaxies then grew outward like budding flowers in a 

spiraling fashion. Our present science of astronomy uses the red shift 

of the spectrum from distant stars to support the so-called “Big Bang 

Theory.” The error of this theory has its foundation in the 

misidentification of reference systems that will be examined in a later 


The Ra communications were not obtained in the order presented in 

this book, since we were not aware of exactly what information was 

available and what was important when we were first contacted. After 

about 100 hours of communications it became obvious what the 

important parts were and how to go about presenting them to a 

reader. That is what I am doing in this book. I’m starting at the very 

beginning of the creation of our galaxy and touching on the 

important concepts that are necessary to reach an understanding of 

Earthman’s present situation.


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