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Chapter One

The principle of free will is the first of the distortions from unity, 

and, therefore, is of primary importance. All other distortions are a 

product of this free will and are a necessary part of an infinitely 

varying experience. In Session 28, collected on February 22, 1981, Ra 


In each beginning there is the beginning from infinite strength. Free 

will acts as a catalyst. Beings begin to form the universes. 

Consciousness, then, begins to have the potential to experience. The 

potentials of experience are created as a part of intelligent energy and 

are fixed before experience begins.

However, there is always, due to free will acting infinitely upon the 

creation, a great variation in initial responses to intelligent energy’s 

potential. Thus almost immediately the foundations of the, shall we 

call it, hierarchical nature of beings begins to manifest as some 

portions of consciousness or awareness learn through experience in a 

much more efficient manner.

We wish to establish that we are truly humble messengers of the Law 

of One. We can speak to you of our experiences and our 

understandings and teach/learn in limited ways. However, we cannot 

speak in firm knowledge of all the creations. We know only that they 

are infinite. We assume an infinite number of octaves.

However, it has been impressed upon us by our own teachers that 

there is a mystery-clad unity of creation in which all consciousness 

periodically coalesces and again begins. Thus we can only say we 

assume an infinite progression though we understand it to be cyclical 

in nature and, as we have said, clad in mystery.

Love and Light

The second distortion is an energy for which we have no adequate 

word. The word, love, was chosen from the English language as being 

the closest description of the second distortion. This “love” energy or 

force is what activates the vibratory energy field known to us as light.

Everything in the universe that is not pure mind or love is composed 

of light. All atomic particles are fundamentally complex photons. 

These photons are simply what you might think of as the body that 

houses the mind of the one infinite Creator. The illusion of separate


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