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Chapter One

Some of the terms used by Ra will be confusing until later in the 

book. They speak in the preceding paragraph of vibration, which is a 

term for their understanding of the nature of what we call the atomic 

structure of our reality.

Ra has a single philosophical system that embraces the entirety of 

their knowledge as a single unit. They find our language inadequate 

for the conveyance of much of their knowledge but always seem to 

pick the best words we have available for their descriptions. Since 

what we call the separate philosophies of science and religion are 

merged in their understanding, we find what we term scientific and 

religious concepts intermingling in their communications. Ra’s 

science begins with the creation of the universe and includes mind 

and spirit as an integral part of the study of the material universe.

Their technology is not only far, far in advance of ours, but it is based 

on totally different principles.

These principles are a product of a much deeper understanding of the 

structure of the universe. They refer to people as “mind/body/spirit 

complexes,” thusly indicating that all of us are composed of three 

basic parts. Much of their technology would appear less than complex 

to us since it is based on geometrical ratios such as the Great Pyramid 

at Giza. In Session 2, Ra said,

We are those of the Confederation who, 11,000 of your years ago, 

came to two of your planetary cultures which were at that time closely 

in touch with the creation of the One Creator. It was our naive belief 

that we could teach/learn by direct contact and the free will 

distortions of individual feeling or personality were in no danger. We 

had no thought of their being disturbed as these cultures were already 

closely aligned with an all-embracing belief in the live-ness or 

consciousness of all. We came and were welcomed by the peoples 

whom we wished to serve. We attempted to aid them in technical 

ways having to do with the healing of mind/body/spirit complex 

distortions through the use of the crystal appropriate to the distortion, 

placed within a certain appropriate series of ratios of time/space 

material. Thus were the pyramids created.

We found that the technology was reserved largely for those with the 

effectual mind/body distortion of power. This was not intended by the


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