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Chapter One

varied by “tuning” until resonance with the signal is achieved. This is 

the key to radio reception.

We can assume that radio communication is a primitive form of 

communication simply because we have developed it. This, of course, 

follows from the assumption that we are a primitive race. That, to 

me, seems quite reasonable.

A long study of telepathy convinced me that the mind could be used 

much more effectively as a communications device than the crude 

electrical circuitry of radio. Electromagnetic theory did, however, 

provide some clues and fundamental concepts for experimental work 

with telepathy. At this point I do not intend to try to explain these 

concepts. This will be much easier after you are acquainted with the 

nature of the universe as described in the following pages.

For the time being, it will be sufficient to say that I use a carefully 

tuned human brain in place of the electronic circuitry of a radio 

transceiver. The ears replace a microphone and the vocal mechanism 

replaces the speaker. The inhabiting mind is temporarily removed by 

a precise method and communication with a resonant external system 

is possible. The tuning process is quite complex and took about 

twelve years to perfect.

Since January 15, 1981, our research group has been using this form 

of communication to question a sixth-density social memory 

complex. Exactly what a sixth-density social memory complex is will 

be explained later, but, for now, consider it to be an extraterrestrial 

race. The results of this contact are contained in part in this book. 

Please remember to refrain from jumping to conclusions based on 

previous ideas of the nature of the universe and yourself. Make your 

judgment after finishing the book.

It is an important part of the contact that the format is exclusively 

question-and-answer: Ra’s answers to my questions. This insures 

minimum confusion on my part as I try to comprehend their 

concepts. In Session 2, dated January 20, 1981, Ra said,

Queries are in order in your projections of mind distortion at this 

time/space. Thusly would I assure this group that my own social 

memory complex has one particular method of communicating with 

those few who may be able to harmonize their distortions with ours,


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