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Monday Meditation, January 29, 1979

healing power is your understanding of the truth. I (Pause)
am one with you, and you are one with me.
I am again with this instrument. May we ask the one 

If your feelings about Latwii’s brothers and sisters— known as D if he was able to perceive that which we 
love—can give you the necessary belief in the truth have sent him?

of perfection in being, then it is very simple for you 
D: Yes.
to ask us to heal, but you must understand that 
May we ask, then, my brother, if you are aware that
healings are not created by any channel but by the 
Creator, Who does all things perfectly.
the power is inside you? 

Let us attempt to explain the nature of those who are D: I am.
not well. There is perfection in what you might call 
We leave this with you, and we ask that you take this 
a mold. We are aware that you are very familiar with 
realization with you. Trust no outside influence. 
this concept, due to this instrument’s conversation Listen to no words of wisdom, for the discriminating 
with you. The mold itself is perfect, and the product 
heart and mind of your spirit will guide you 
of the mold can only become distorted by work 
infallibly in your journey. And all that you need is 
fatigue or other distorting pressures that came to 
yours for the asking.
bear upon the finished product after it has been 
taken from the mold.
Does this answer you, my brother? 

D: Yes.
Sometimes an entity requests a certain state of what 
would be called limitation or lack of health so that 
We are very pleased. Are there any other questions at 
the entity may learn certain things. Sometimes 
this time?
entities have only a passing misunderstanding or 
distortion with the truth, and healing is a matter of a (Pause)

very simple adjustment to thought. Each case is 
We perceive that you are all considering questions 
individual, and there is no case that is hopeless.
and deciding to await another time, due to fatigue at 

In healing, call upon light, for light is the material the length of this session, and so will, shall we say, 

that was used to create the mold. You may gladly call pack our bags and be on our way, sliding off on rays 
of light—mark you, my friends, on rays of light, for 
upon us, and we will gladly assist you by sending 
you our light. But remember, within yourself you that is an important way of travel in the dimensions.

have the power to tap into the light of the universe, Harness your emotions. Find your light, and you, 

for you and I are one, that oneness being not in too, may travel among the stars. I leave you to find 

either myself or you, but in the Creator. Thus, we the wonder of love and the joy and the freedom of 
ask you to call in pure faith upon the Creator. You 
light. I am always with you, as are all my brothers. I 
are an instrument, and you can direct love and light am Latwii. Adonai vasu borragus. 

and healing. The will of the Creator is for the good. 
Ask that it be done.

The only reason that we discourage you at all from 
calling upon any name but the Creator’s, is that 

names, beside the Creator’s, are meaningless and 


You yourself, my brother, are not D. You are light. 

You are love. And within you is a power that is so 

great that it contains all that there is. Find it and use 

At this time, because of your desire, we will send you 

light, and you may mentally direct it as you wish. 
The entire group at this time will share in the circle 

of light. I am Latwii.

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