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Monday Meditation, January 29, 1979

Questioner: How can I help my brother to travelers, and like those who make a living chain, we 
understand the significance of this life and for myself reach our hands to our brothers,

to understand it better also?
If we have learned anything in our travels, it is that 
there is nothing too small to matter; there is no 

being too insignificant to forget; there is no God so 
I am aware of your question. I am Latwii. To be 
great that He is not one with all of us. We are 
truthful, you cannot help those about you 
understand by words but only by example. Thus, it united. You are not local beings. You are beings of 
the universe, of a universe in which we are truly all 
is yourself who must understand.
one, not figuratively, but literally.
The most efficient method of understanding is 
You think that you are a person, with organs and 
meditation. Due to the nature of your experiences it 
blood and bones, but we say to you that you are 
would be advisable for you to meditate within the 
light and that all light is one, and that all places are 
world of nature. However, we perceive in the minds one, and all time is one.
of those within this meeting that the climate which 

is being enjoyed by you at this time is not favorable We are beings; we are aware of ourselves. We are 

for outdoor meditation. Thus, we ask that as you aware of you. But what is more, we are you. We can 
meditate and attempt to understand, you picture the feel your bones, your organs, the beating of your 

starry skies. Those things which came from sightings blood. There is nothing about any being in the 

of this nature are most often found to be helpful by universe that is foreign to us.
those who are going through a transforming 
The only thing that calls us back from complete 
experience. Thus, the question does not become, 
lighthood is that we have not yet forgotten our own 
“What is the UFO?” The question becomes, “What 
being and become free, truly free of self. When we 
am I attempting to transform in myself? What is the do that we know that our journey will have come 
guidance that I am attempting to express to myself 
full circle, and it will be time for the Creator to send 
by this sighting which I have seen or of which I have 
us out again as beings conscious only of the darkness 
of separation.

The answer may not come immediately, but this is 
We are part of a cycle, and that cycle is love. Our 
the track which should be followed in order to 
explain the significance of the sighting of your planet is our homeland, and we love it. And yet our 
planet is what you would call a star, and our star is 
what you would call the star within the star.

Does this answer your question? There is much we cannot explain to you, for it is 

Questioner: Yes, indeed!
beyond your science and certainly beyond this 

instrument’s ability to express herself.
We are very happy to be of service. Is there another 
Most of all we wish to say to you, I am brother, 

sister; I am friend. I have nothing but love for you 
G: I have a question. Could you explain your world?
and your people. Your planet is being born. It is an 
We can explain but are not sure if we can make sense important time for you. And we care. We care a 

to you. In our density, which is slightly different great deal, and we are here. We of Latwii and all the 

than that of the brothers and sisters of Hatonn, we brothers and sisters.
are able to perceive dimensions of time and space as 
(Side one of the tape ends.)
they begin to flow into infinity. We are beings of 

light, and this we can mold ourselves to that which (D has asked about the healing power of Latwii.) 
we wish. Our lifetimes have become what to you 
(Carla channeling)
would seem to be infinite, although to us they are 

not infinite, for that which is really infinite cannot I am again with this instrument. I am Latwii. My 
be measured, and we, though we have no beginning brother, there is no presumption in asking of 

and no end, are still aware of ourselves, and so we healing. We ask only that you understand that as 

know that our journey is not yet finished. We are
you call upon outside sources to aid in healing, you 
are simply using what you would call a crutch. Your

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