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Monday Meditation, January 29, 1979

close to continuing and was only stopped because of wave, he has only to request our presence. If at any 
the difficulties of adjusting his vibrations to our time as we are working with him he feels it 

incoming concepts. As experience is gained and as uncomfortable, he has only to make a request that 

the conscious mind is carefully stilled, this will cease we leave. This is important to understand, due to the 
to be a problem.
fact that it can sometimes be inconvenient to be 

receiving conditioning in the company of those who 
We thank the one known as W and are very happy 
are not aware of the process.
to have established contact.
May we thank each of you new instruments for 
At this time I would like to continue a few words 
working with us for, as we have said, there are very 
through the one known as G. I am Laitos.
many among your peoples who desire the exact 
service that we have to offer, and it is only through 

channels among those of your peoples who wish to 
(G channeling)
serve in this way that we can offer this service, for we 
I am Laitos. I am with this instrument. cannot interfere in the workings of your planet. This 

must be your decision, for such is the law of the 
Creator. You have the perfect right to do what you 
(Carla channeling)
wish. We wish you love.

I am again with this instrument. I am Laitos. In I am Laitos, and I thank you, and I leave you in the 
order to bolster the confidence of the one known as 
capable hands of my brother, Latwii, and in the love 
G, we would like to state that our next concept had and the light of the infinite Creator. For now, 

to do with the nature of love. We felt that the one Adonai.
known as G had momentarily received this concept 

but had lost it. We will continue working with the (Pause)

one known as G at this tine and at any time that she I am Latwii, and again I am with you and thank you 
may wish to call upon us.
for your patience in attending my foolish words.

If you will be patient we would like to spend a few Please forgive me if I seem more full of humor than 

moments working with the one known as D. If he our brothers of Hatonn but, indeed, our group has 
will relax himself, and if he desires our contact and 
its own personality and is not, perhaps, as dignified 
our conditioning wave, we will attempt to make as the ones known as Hatonn. Yet we assure you, my 

contact with him and say a few words through him brothers, that we are as loving and as caring. And 
at this time. I am Laitos.
although we laugh because you think of us as one 
thing or another, because you think it might be 
important whether we fly in silver UFOs or golden 
(Carla channeling)
UFOs or red ones or white ones—yet, still, we are 
your brothers.
I am again with this instrument. We would interrupt 
to suggest that the one known as D straighten the 
The truth is, my friends, we can be what you wish us 
lower portion of his spine, as there is an energy 
to be. We are from a dimension in which that which 
blockage and we can tune to him more easily. This is we think becomes what we are. Ask us to be in a 

not true of all people, but the one known as D is silver UFO, so shall it be. We live in a universe of 
very sensitive, and we wish to strengthen his basic 
light. All things dance in humor and in joy, for such 
spiritual frequency. We will again attempt to contact is the truth of love.

the one known as D. I am Laitos.
At this time we follow the practice of the brothers 
and sisters of Hatonn and open the meeting to 

questions. If you have a question, please ask it now, 
(Carla channeling)
for it would be our pleasure to attempt to share our 
I am again with this instrument. We feel that good 
thoughts with you.
contact has been made now, and if at any time the 
one known as D wishes our contact at the (Pause)

subconscious level and work with a conditioning

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