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Monday Meditation, January 29, 1979

for who we are is of no consequence, but about the I am aware that there are questions about 
philosophy of brotherhood.
meditation, and I can only say that disturbances, of 

whatever kind, are meaningless; that the greatest ally 
Remember, my friends, that you are not aware in the 
universe, either as a person or as a planet. And those that you can have as a being seeking the process of 
meditation is patience. Yes, you will fail each time, 
things which you do as a planet affect your solar 
according to your own judgment, to achieve what 
system and, in turn, the energy grid of your galaxy. 
you would term a perfect state of meditation. But 
We are all one, my brothers. We ask that you care a you do not need to judge yourself. You need only to 
little for yourselves, for us, for your planet. Care 
attempt to seek the truth. It is in the attempt that 
enough to sit in silence and open yourself to the 
the process takes place.
process of seeking the truth.
We ask you to think of yourselves as you go into 
We have used the terms love and light many times, 
meditation perhaps as nature spirits, one with the 
and we want to consider at this time the meaning of 
this glib clich́, what a cynic would call this cosmic world, oblivious to warmth orcold, dressed as are the 
flowers or the trees in bark of leaves, laughing or 
sermonette that flows so easily from her lips that she 
dancing, one with the world of nature, resting in the 
sometimes doubts that she is receiving. First, second, 
motherhood of the planet which is Earth, reaching 
third—those words are meaningless to us, for all out for the fatherhood which is wisdom, feeling the 
things are one. It is difficult for us to explain to you 
balance, my friends, feeling the humming. You are 
that all time and space are one and are not matched 
in balance, my friends. You are male and female. 
one to the other, but have infinite variations of 
which your time and your space is only one You are all that there is. You are all opposites. And 
in that knowing may come rest; and in that rest you 
variation. But in your time and your space there is a 
may seek the truth.
first and a second and a third, and you must 
understand that first there was consciousness which IfIamtobeanelf,Iwillthengatherupmybark 

was the Creator, and this consciousness had a will and my leaves and take leave of this gathering so that 

which manifested itself as that which is known in the one known as Laitos may work with you. I am 

your holy work called the Bible as the Word, and Latwii.
this word is love. And as will imposed itself upon 
that which was around it, it formed that which was 
I am Laitos, and I greet you in the love and the light 
around it into a basic material called light.
of the infinite Creator. I have been attempting to 
You may think, if you wish, of love as being heat, in 
contact the one known as W. We were hoping that 
that it is random consciousness, consciousness 
everywhere without end and without beginning, he would have the confidence to speak without 
being urged. However, lack of confidence is totally 
without direction, but constantly in motion. When 
understandable in the new channel, and therefore we 
love takes form, it gains what is known in your terms 
will encourage him by saying that, indeed, we were 
as a vector, a direction, a rotation, and becomes trying to contact the one known as W, and at this 
light, and of love has been created light. All of you 
time again we will attempt to speak a few words 
are made of that one substance in more and more 
through him. I am Laitos.
sophisticated arrays of sophistication of energy, of 
light. You are all light. It is for this reason that those (Pause)

who are fully capable of understanding this truth 
(W channeling)
have been able to defy the laws of gravity, have been 
able to create action at a distance, have been able to I am Laitos. I am now with this instrument. I greet 

cause magnetic changes and other so-called you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator.

miraculous phenomena.

We come to you, my friends, in love and light, for 
(Carla channeling)
that’s all there is. It is as simple as that. But in love 
I am again with this instrument. I am Laitos. We 
there is joy and warmth, and for that we ask that you 
go within and meditate.
thank you for your patience. We were working with 

the one known as W, due to the fact that he was very

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