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Monday Meditation, October 9, 1978


I am Latwii. The contact with this channel 

(inaudible) and to touch with each of you is our 
privilege. We send each of you our love and our 

light, and we leave you, as always, in the love and the 

light that is only the Creator’s, for (inaudible), my 

friends, the Creator. Adonai vasu.


I am Hatonn, and I greet you in the love and the 
light of the One Who is All. My friends, we are most 

pleased that you have included meditation in your 

plans this evening, for we were aware that your 
evening is full and that we have come late. We shall 

attempt to be brief.

We wish only to tell you tell you the story, my 

friends, of a seed, a small seed. This seed, my friends, 

grew deep in the darkness of the soil, responding to 

its nature and put forth one leaf, and then two, and 
then three, and then four, and then many, all in 

good time. And at a certain moment (inaudible) was 

plucked and eaten, that which was useful, by the 
standard of the one who planted the seed. We ask 

you, my friends, to remember that it is not only the 

seed that is planted that is (inaudible). We ask you to 
remember that you may see tension in your own 

lives as you put forth your leaves, for the seed knows 

not when the fruit may come, it knows only that the 

process must go on.

We ask you to have faith in your missions, whatever 

they may be. We ask that you grow, not judging 
your leaves because they are not fruits but being in a 

state of complete joy that you are going forward, 

that you are producing your leaves, that you are 

alone, that you are (inaudible).

There are many fruits, my friends, that have been 

planted by the Creator, and they will all be true and 
found to be good in their own time. This time is not 

a time that you can tell. This goodness is not a 

goodness that you can tell. (Inaudible) for your 

patience and your confidence in yourselves and your 

At this time I would ask if there are any questions.


If there are no questions I will leave this instrument. 
I am known to you as Hatonn. I send my love to 

you, and my light. Adonai vasu borragus. 

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