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Sunday Meditation, March 4, 1979

But, my friends, we must ask ourselves how that we We hope you are now feeling better, and we do greet 
may attempt to have this energy work for ourselves.
you in love and light, and we please ask your 

forgiveness for our emphasis on light and wish you 
Now, my friends, you know that the stronger love 
(inaudible) for love, the stronger the energy. So that to know that the heat you are experiencing we will 
keep attempting to dissipate.
is to say, my friends, that it may be some help to you 

to, shall we say, orient yourselves to places where you As we open the meeting to questions, the first 

might find this energy.
question that we would answer is concerning our 
name. And we must confess to you that it is a name 
My friends, we must attempt to cleanse ourselves 
which is created, for we do not have names as you 
and .
know names but only a vibration of light. Therefore, 
our name means in your language “the double,” or 

“the second,” and it is simply the one who is 
I shall try again. My friends, it is important that now 
that you have learned of this energy that we may standing in for Hatonn. We are your doubles, and 
we send you double love and double helpings.
share with others and, therefore, shall we say, make 

the vibrations of this group stronger.
We would now open this meeting to questions.

My friends, it is indeed a great honor for us to speak (Pause)

with this group with so many in attendance.
Now, my friends, surely someone has a question, for 
My friends, as you see this time of year come, shall we are [crying] to answer.

we say, portray the true look of love. My friends, 
allow yourselves to grow and blossom. Allow 
yourselves to touch others, for this energy known as Questioner: I’ve been reading lately about gnomes 

love, for, my friends, if you do not learn it will that we humans don’t see because we’re afraid of 

indeed (inaudible) within yourself.
them, and I want to know (inaudible).

As I have already said, it is indeed a great honor for Yes, my sister, they do indeed appear. They are, as 

us to speak to you, and the one known to you as we, members of a vibration which is unseen among 

Carla has stated the energy that is present with us is your peoples, just as—to use an analogy of which 
somewhat different from that of Hatonn. My you must be aware, for this channel is aware of it— 

friends, as we leave you, we will indeed join in your the television. You are aware of the sound of a 

meditation so that each may share this energy.
channel coming from another domicile within this 
dwelling place. It is on a certain channel. At the 
My friends, as Hatonn [does,] I leave you in the love 
same time there are other channels being broadcast 
and light of our infinite Creator.
which that particular set is not at this time picking 
I am the one known as Latuah [Latwii.]
up. However, with the simple turn of a dial it would 
pick up another channel, and you would see a 
different universe, populated largely by soap 
(Carla channeling)
commercials, so we understand.

I am again with this instrument. I am Latwii, and I In our universe we have such forms which are the 
have been traveling about the room in a small globe 
spirit formations of plants, animals, the thoughts of 
of light, which is the most comfortable body, shall 
humans, the thoughts of masters, and, at the very 
we say, of our peoples, and we are aware at this time highest levels, the discarnate entities themselves, who 

that, due to the fact of interaction of our vibration are the true masters of your world and who teach in 
with you, we have generated some heat. Therefore, if 
the realms. There are many, many levels to this 
you will be patient, we will attempt, shall we say, to channel. It is more complex than a television 

cool you off with a few cooler thoughts and breezes. channel. But what it has in common with a 
Give us a few seconds, and we will attempt to help 
television channel is that it is not seen by those who 
you adjust to our vibration.
are on another television channel. Thus, the 

dimensions directly involved with your Earth plane, 
which are invisible to you, are those which give the

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