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Sunday Meditation, March 4, 1979

There is no process involved; there is no learning or We are also aware at this time that many of you are 
wisdom involved. It is so simple that we cannot concerned about others, and we ask you again to 

express it, and yet we ask you: throw the details from remember that each person has a pattern for their 

your life at least once a day. Remove the petals from life. In many cases this pattern has not been revealed 
the lotus, charming as they may be and as delightful to the person, due to his lack of meditation, or due 

as they may smell. Find the holy ground. Find the to the necessity for the pattern being hidden in order 

jewel, that which is love. Upon this ground you can that a lesson may be learned. Thus, if you are 
stand without fear of falling, losing your footing, or concerned for another we encourage you to feel at 

being cast away from your place, for this is your one with the person for whom you care, to feel at 

birthright. Love is what you are. What you think one with love and light, and then to allow that unity 

you are, if you think you are not love, is an illusion, to flow.
a mass of distorted detail that can be slowly weeded 
The essence of freedom is to know that the pattern 
or quickly weeded from your life—as you would 
has been freely chosen by each being, is being given a 
weed from a garden those things which were not chance to reveal itself to that person in its own way. 
pleasant or helpful—by the process of meditation.
Within the illusion that you call the physical life, 

We realize that each of you is looking for help in you cannot tell what is good and what is bad, for the 
finding a way to this simplicity, for truly that culture lessons are many, and often what seems to be a 

in which you now live does not promise this difficulty is in fact a prelude to a great learning and a 

simplicity, much less deliver it. We realize that the great happiness. Therefore, trust in the pattern of 

temptation is great to listen to those who teach, each unique being, and trust that we are all 
those who prophesy, and to allow them to have connected, unique as we each are, in total harmony 

influence over you, but we ask you to monitor all of being, so that our patterns flow together as do the 

things that you hear, read and see, including our waters of the sea, each atom changing and flowing 
words, with a finely-tuned discrimination of your until one becomes all and all is one. Yes, you are 

heart, for you yourself are the most stable thing in unique, but you may let the bubble burst upon the 

your universe.
wave of your being and merge completely with the 
unity of all and still be unique. You cannot lose this 
There is a pattern within you which can be fulfilled 
uniqueness. Therefore, allow the beauty of the 
in many ways, but there are shortcuts. There are 
patterns in the great tapestry to emerge, treasured 
easier paths and harder ones. Outside influences may 
confuse you, or they may enlighten you. You must and loved by you, given their freedom by you, 
whether you understand or whether you are only 
discriminate, and we urge you to do so, as we say, 
trying does not matter. All that matters is that your 
especially with our words, for we do not mean to 
influence you but only to inspire you to do your attitude is that of love toward yourself, toward 
others, toward the planet on which you dwell, and 
own work on your own precious and immortal 
toward the creation of which you are a part.
being, for we are brothers to you in love, and we 
hold our arms out to you in love.

Where we are is a very light place, and the nature of We would like at this time to attempt to make 

light is such that we can see the simplicity of which contact with an instrument we have not used before. 
we speak. Therefore, we are not wise to speak of this Our vibrations are somewhat different from that of 

simplicity; we are simply stating the obvious. But as Hatonn’s, therefore, we may have some difficulty in 

you go forth in the world, my friend, it will be using this instrument. We will attempt contact with 
wisdom to you, as people ask your opinion, if you the one known as B at this time. I am Latwii.

can plant the seeds of simplicity, kindness, and all 
the qualities of that one understanding union with 
(B channeling)
the Father, which is love. Plant those seeds, taken 
from what you would call the heaven world, into the 
I am Latwii. I am now with this instrument. My 
soil. And do not be concerned whether they grow, 
friends, there is much to say about the energy known 
for that is not your business. You merely respond to you as love. As you know, it is all around you.
when asked.

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