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ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS TRANSCRIPT: This telepathic channeling has been taken from transcriptions of the 

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for neither we nor those of the Confederation would wish to be a stumbling block for any.

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Sunday Meditation

March 4, 1979

(Carla channeling)
money changers sold many items that could be 
bought for sacrifice. Imagine, my friends, the noise 
I am Latwii, and I greet you in the love and the light 
of the trading and the bleating, the chirping of the 
of the infinite Creator. It is a privilege and a blessing 
sacrificial birds, the clinking of coins as they passed 
to be among you at this time, and we welcome and 
greet each of you and send you the love of the from hand to hand, the confused penitence of those 
who came to the temple seeking to find in 
brothers and sisters of Hatonn who are at this time 
themselves something that they had lost, something 
on station elsewhere and have asked us to look in on 
your group whenever you should ask for our from which they were separated, seeking to find love 
and wholeness in the knowledge that they were one 
with the Creator who loved them.

We of Latwii are of a different civilization from 
Hatonn, but our aim and purpose in being in your To choose an image from another of your cultures, 
imagine the jewel inside the many petals of the lotus. 
skies at this time is the same—that of improving the 
How tightly are the petals closed, my friends, about 
relationship between the unknown that lies beyond 
the reach of your peoples and that which is known the jewel of love within you? How much do you 
have to peel away from your life before you come to 
by your peoples, or, to say it another way, to 
the singular and single essence of truth that is all 
improve your relationships of love to those beloved 
brothers and sisters of the universe that dwell upon about you? Love is everywhere. It sings in the wind, 
it sings in the trees. In the season which now 
the surface of your sphere at this time.
approaches, it will sing in the burgeoning greenery 

Yes, my friends, you have a relationship to love. The and blossoming beauty of your natural world. And 
relationship is unity. Thus, you encompass that within your heart, my friends, do you truly need so 

which is known and that which is not known, for many details to lie between you and that same 

love is the essence of the unknown. Thus, discovery simplicity of being that lies in knowing that you are 
is always a form of love, and that which is known 
one with love, that you can give love and receive love 
already, that which you are weary of, is a form of and receive love without shame and without stint, 

separation from love and from yourself.
that whatever your mistakes, whatever your 

As we look upon the peoples of your planet we see difficulties, you may turn from them in a moment as 
you would turn from any error and be fully one with 
them multiplying the details of their lives in much 
the same way it has been written in your holy work 
known as the Bible. When they were in the temple,

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