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Sunday Meditation, February 18, 1979

N: It wouldn’t help to get a hold—for Don or My brothers, it has been a great pleasure to speak 
somebody to get down into Mexico and get hold of with you. We may not have been too inspiring 

the crystal and, you know, move it two degrees? tonight, but we wish to leave you in love and light. 

That wouldn’t help? It seems it would certainly be Truth cannot be overly concerned, not about 
worth it as far as the masses of population are .
anything but only about one thing—that you love. 

Do love. Don’t fool around, my brothers. Just love. I 
It has already been attempted by those other than 
leave you in love. It is all around you. You can feel it 
Don and it has not been properly done.
flowing through you. I leave you in His love and in 

At this point, our best bet is to meditate. We are not His light. I am Latwii. Adonai vasu borragus. 

speaking here of a passive and, shall we say, a 
doomsaying attitude, for by meditation many of the 

cataclysms which could have struck California two 

years ago were averted, and they were directly due to 
the meditation of groups such as yours, and thus no 

lives have been lost in comparison to what would 

have happened had one large earthquake occurred 

instead of various small ones. We hope that this 

This is the same sort of result we are hoping for in 
these tensions provoked by the Russian’s weapons. 

We are hoping that people gradually will became 

able to deal with them one way or another without 

ever going over the edge to Armageddon. And this is 
what we are dealing with at this point. We are 

hoping that the end of the cycle will be relatively 

peaceful and that the birth of the new age will be 
easier than that of Armageddon.

N: So the ELF weapon is counterbalanced by strong 
goodwill energy laid upon the same population that 

the weapon is being used on.

That is incorrect. There is no protection against this 
particular weapon by means of goodwill. We are 

attempting to send neutralization through the 

crystals to the weapon. The goodwill has to do with 
the spiritual planes of your planet which are not 

affected by this weapon. And on these spiritual 

planes dwell the higher selves of government leaders 

who are responsible for decisions involving the 
weaponry of which we speak. This is why meditation 

and goodwill is our best bet at this point. We are still 

speaking of people here, for they are the ones that 
use the weapons. Goodwill cannot affect that 

weapon, for it is a mind control device.

N: Can people prevent the use of that weapon upon 

themselves through meditation?


(Inaudible comments by some members of the group.)

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