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Sunday Meditation, February 18, 1979

I’m sure, my brother, it is worse than that, for at this of that sort that we could do that you all could not 
time it has been used on China. And it is, in part, do?

that stimulus which has made them decide to make 
Carla: Got a passport?
this move, for they know that they are as vulnerable 
as the rest of the planet.
N: Really? It would really make a difference?

Questioner: Does the entire invasion have to do My brother, you could not do it, due to the fact that 
you could not get there. Yes, you could physically do 
with the Russian ELF weapon rather than the so- 
called Cambodian problem?
it if you could get there, but .

There is no Cambodian problem. N: You mean, it would help?

N: (Inaudible).
Actually, no one but a very few even knows where 

this pyramid is, and other pyramids around the 
That is correct.
Earth are likewise blocked by the governments that 

N: Do you foresee a Chinese invasion of Vietnam in supposedly own them. Therefore, what you can 

order to start a confrontation between the Chinese basically do is on another plane, and it is, of course, 

and the Russians, or do you see a Russian invasion of just as important, and that is to be a good person 
within yourself, to meditate, and to love. And in that 

way you can add your light, and as so often said 
This instrument believes that the Chinese have 
already invaded North Vietnam. Therefore, we among your peoples, a little light in a great darkness 
shines a long way. Therefore, attempt to be a little 
won’t speak.
light even though there is great darkness, and that 

N: What about Iran, the Russian invasion of Iran? will be the greatest help that you can be.

The Russians have invaded Iran, not with weapons
We have attempted to directly affect those who 

but with psychotronic mind-control devices. would be in a position to work with the pyramids 

N: Is that what the ELF weapon is?
and have been successful only partially. There are 
many pyramids that are lost or buried, due to floods 

That is correct.
and the forming of mountains.

N: What is the exact effect .
N: Which is the closest one to this house that you’re 

aware of?
Don: I’ll tell you all about that. You don’t have to 
get that through channels.
The closest one to this house would probably be in 
N: I mean upon the Chinese. What has been the 
effect of it?
N: OK. That’s what I was wondering. Are you 
utilizing these at the present time? I mean, do you 
utilize all of them or just certain ones in the areas 
Don: OK. You’re tired now, aren’t you?
where the weapon is being used?

I am fine. The instrument has sore shoulders.
We would like to use them all as a belt of protection 

Don: Is that where the pyramid is connected with about the planet as it was designed to be used. 

the ELF weapon?
However, we are utilizing the one in Egypt at this 
time, and it is not functioning properly, due to the 
This is correct. We have buried, deep inside each 
two degree lack of unity with magnetic correctness. 
pyramid that we have put along the magnetic lines 
Therefore, the problem, shall we say, is larger than 
of force of the Earth, crystals which are capable of can be solved in the time we have left to solve it on 

dampening these vibrations. However, the magnetic your physical plane. What little can be done is being 
lines of force of the planet have shifted, and we are 
done by our thought processes working through the 
having difficulty in making them work, and we may 
crystals which are in place. They are simply not 
not be able to do so. However, this is our plan.
properly aimed for the magnetic fluxes which are 

N: Is there anything we could do physically, such as affecting your planet at this time.

helping the moving of the crystals? Is there anything

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