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Sunday Meditation, February 18, 1979

bodies (inaudible) step up the genetic message. I’d to draw energy from the Earth that has been put 
sure like to see the channel you’re using right now there many, many centuries ago in your time. It is 

get to that point.
attempting to remove the effects of that which has 

We agree that this channel probably should not be been maddening your peoples, a lust for .

used at this time to further go into this question. (Side one of tape ends.)

However, we suggest that you again listen to the 
(Carla channeling)
previous communication on this subject which did 
shed some light on your question, and we do send I am Latwii. I am sorry for the interruption, but this 

you our love and our light.
instrument is not mechanically-minded. Please go 
We are sorry that the instrument is fatigued. 

Don: Do you know if the Iranian riots were caused 
Questioner: That’s OK, I appreciate everything.
by ELF (inaudible)?
We’re glad. We really get a great charge out of 
As this instrument would say, right on, brother.
talking to all you and of substituting for our 

brothers, Hatonn and Laitos, who send you their Don: Question number two. Are the Chinese 
invading primarily because of the ELF knowledge?

Questioner: Where are they?
Again, my brother, that is correct. The Russians are 
not being led by wise men and have a desire at this 
We are very glad you asked that question, due to the
time to make good their promise to take over the 
fact that this instrument is dying to know.
Earth, and they have in their means at this time the 

They are at this time in your southern waters, high power to do so, and they know that if they wait they 
above them, attempting to, shall we say, cool out, as will no longer have the power to do so, and they are 

this instrument would put it, a very bloody-minded gambling that the powers will not unleash the 

plan that is being perpetrated by those in power, not conventional nuclear weapons but, instead, will 
in one country or another, but by an international simply knuckle under. We, however, are aware that 

economic group of those who would profit from this is not likely, and so we are attempting to damp 

out these vibrations.

Questioner: Did you say southern waters? However, to do this without infringing upon free 

will is very difficult, and since it does not disturb the 
That is correct.
solar system or even the astral planes of your planet, 
Questioner: Where is this (inaudible)? Southern we are having the same kind of difficulty that you 

waters .
would have in your court room if you were 

Questioner: Southeast Asia. attempting to stop a murder before it was 
committed. We can see what is happening, but we 

Questioner: Is that it?
cannot do very much about it. We hope that each of 

Questioner: Southeast Asia . Vietnam.
you will meditate on peace and pray that your 
peoples are not fooled by all of those things which 

We are attempting to give the information to this occur in the weeks to come, and .
channel who is notoriously poor at geography. We’re 

working with her, if she will . if you will be (Interruption from Don.)

Please go ahead, my brother.

If you go to what is known as the Philippines and 
Don: My question, assuming that the Chinese 
keep going west you will find Hatonn.
invasion (inaudible) Chinese knowledge of the ELF 

Questioner: In Vietnam.
weapon and the need to [resolve] their own right 

now in a very clear-cut manner so that . because 
We are aware of that statement and that is correct, they are afraid of the use of the weapon against them 

although not precisely so, for Hatonn is attempting by the Russians, so that on a clear-cut choosing of 
to monitor a large area. Hatonn is working through 
sides and getting us on their side .
a pyramid which lies within China and is attempting

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