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Sunday Meditation, February 18, 1979

Questioner: This may seem trivial, but I’m intrigued must realize that to understand yourself you may not 
by the stone that our friend (inaudible) found, and I need longer and longer words but longer and longer 

was wondering what significance of it you are aware? silences.

Or what is it?
The idea of a brain as a computer that can be 

We are aware of your question. We would ask that reprogrammed, and the idea of planetary 

the stone be placed in the channel’s hand.
consciousness as a giant computer that can be 

reprogrammed is a manipulative idea not directly 
associated with the Creator’s primary law which 

We are having difficulty with this instrument, due to concerns the freedom of all beings. The conscious 

her lack of training. However, we can say to you that individual and the conscious planetary awareness can 
this is a natural formation untouched by man and make conscious changes, but the strong cannot 

unconnected with man. We are attempting to coerce those who are not ready. Thus, patience 

explain to her the processes which caused the becomes your ally, and a sense of humor that which 
formation of this rock. It has many layers. It was not you hold dearest.

made at once. It has been .
We are sorry we cannot be more responsive to your 
Carla: OK, all I can do is tell you is that I’m seeing 
question, but we feel that you are searching so 
it coming down to the Earth and then being thrown deeply in an intellectual way at this point that we do 

up in some kind of a volcanic . or . thrown up not wish to unbalance you by entering into 

like a mountain being thrown up and landing and its intellectual discussion but merely encourage you to 
being weathered by water.
seek the discrimination that is inherent within your 

own faculties below the level of the conscious mind.
Questioner: Is it an extraterrestrial rock?
Does this in any way satisfy you as an answer?
I am with this instrument. The interior of this rock 

is not planetary. However, the exterior of this rock Questioner: Well, it seems to me that you’re saying 

that the intellect is getting in the way of my spiritual 
development rather than as a useful tool (inaudible).
Questioner: What is the significance of this rock, if 

any, that you are aware of?
The key in all things is balance. Your intellect is a 

That which it is given by its possessor. It would seem tool. Yours in balance with the proper amount of 
meditation and the contemplation of your, shall we 
to be a good talisman, due to the fact that it signifies 
say, emotional being in day-to-day and moment-to- 
a transformational change to its possessor. We knock 
questions and answers, and yet we encourage the moment actions—ah, there is perfection. Without 
such balance, the intellectual machinery will not feed 
transformation of man.
you correct information, due to the fact that your 
intellect cannot synthesize information but only 
analyze. The activity of intuition must be sought out 
You must realize we think we are funny, too. We 
within a different type of mental activity which is 
think everything is funny, due to the fact that we are 
in a position where light is all that there is, and light below the conscious level. You may choose to do this 

seen in its pure state is complete joy.
while you are doing some familiar chore. You may 
choose to meditate. It does not matter how you 
achieve this state of unquestioning being in which 

Questioner: I’d like some verification of an article you are listening for that within yourself which is 
below the conscious level.
that I read the other night that’s called “The 
Evidence Of Homotelepathica,” and I’d like to get 
It is, however, important for you to know that it is as 
some feedback on your feelings of its accuracy.
important for you to understand those levels of 

yourself which are below consciousness as it is for 
you to understand that machine which is called the 
We do not find your intellectual efforts to be part of 
intellect. The intellect is a tool. The dreaming 
our aid to you and urge you to follow that which, subconscious is a tool. The planetary consciousness, 
according to your own free will, seems best. You
which lies below all of these things, is the greatest

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