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ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THIS TRANSCRIPT: This telepathic channeling has been taken from transcriptions of the 

weekly study and meditation meetings of the Rock Creek Research & Development Laboratories and L/L Research. It is offered in 
the hope that it may be useful to you. As the Confederation entities always make a point of saying, please use your discrimination 
and judgment in assessing this material. If something rings true to you, fine. If something does not resonate, please leave it behind, 

for neither we nor those of the Confederation would wish to be a stumbling block for any.

CAVEAT: This transcript is being published by L/L Research in a not yet final form. It has, however, been edited and any 
obvious errors have been corrected. When it is in a final form, this caveat will be removed.

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Sunday Meditation

February 18, 1979

(Carla channeling)
mass and show you that that, too, is an illusion and 
not a law.
I am with this instrument. I am Latwii, and I greet 

you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator How far can we go with you, my friends? Through 

and welcome each of you to this group—those who how many dimensions can we take you until you are 
are absent from time to time and those who are new. in a place of light where things begin, where things 

Again we send you the love of your special friends of end, where things are. You see, my friends, we wish 

to answer your questions as best we can, but we wish 
you to realize more than all else that questions and 
Ah yes, my friends, we are with you, and we are 
answers are meaningless. Feelings and emotions are 
aware of the many questions upon your minds this 
meaningless. All of the tools with which you are 
evening. But to us the questions, although we will be 
glad to work with them, are humorous, due to our familiar at this time are not helpful outside your 
locality. You have one useful attribute, and that is 
point of view which may seem strange to you, for we 
the quality of your love. Have you loved today?
are aware of that which makes all else humorous, 
and that is the law of the Creator.
At this time we would like to transfer to another 

instrument. I am of a group of beings calling 
We have said to groups such as yours many times 
themselves Latwii.
that the law of the Creator is one, that the 
understanding of that law is all wisdom and truth, (Pause)

and that the best word for that law is love.
(Carla channeling)
We can take you on a great trip to show you that 
I am Latwii. My vibrations are again with this 
your thinking is local. You can best understand this 
instrument. We have been about the room and greet 
concept by considering the love within the creation 
of man which varies from place to place. As your each of you, but we are having difficulty contacting 
the other instrument. We will attempt to do so at a 
cycle changes, you have seen the laws of nature, so- 
later time.
called, violated many times by those who are able to 
Without further ado, may we open the meeting to 
use a less-local illusion or reflection of the law of the 
Creator. Thus, metal is bent, objects are moved, questions?

people are healed. We can take you away from your 
Questioner: I have a question. 
time and your space, and you can see that they are, 
indeed, not laws at all. We can remove you from
We greet you, my brother.

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