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Neither however, does he say that man was planted here fully formed, as some of 

the Creationists say, but rather that evolution is a slow, continuous and deliberate 
process authored by an unseen evolutionary mechanism active in every human body, 

and taking place throughout our individual and collective lives from the time of our 

conception in the womb to our death.

According to current scientific thinking we imagine that a child develops 

biologically until the age of sixteen, eighteen or perhaps at the most twenty-one, from 

which time there is an unstoppable decline, from the first appearance of wrinkles, 

through loss of hair, teeth, vision, vigour and mental clarity, to the time of our 
ultimate deterioration and death.

But according to the “gospel” of Gopi Krishna, this could not be more wrong. We 

are in fact deceived by the superficial deterioration of the outer structure of the body, 

which after all is the part of us most obviously exposed to attack.

Yet the essential matter in evolution is not apparently this superficial display of 

visible muscle, skin tissue, hair and bone.

For the real issue of evolution it seems, is the evolution of internal structure and 

organs, and in particular, of the nervous system and brain (see Gopi Krishna, The 

Wonder of the Brain) which Gopi Krishna refers to collectively speaking as the 
cerebrospinal system.

His simple and dramatic statement is that this ongoing process of human evolution 

is happening continuously throughout our lives, but unseen, as it is principally that of 

the nervous system and brain.

So - where is the evidence? - I hear you cry.

To date, we freely confess there is not yet sufficient evidence acceptable to current 

modern science which would support his theory, as would be accepted by the 

scientific community in general and its institutions and governing bodies.

But the major evidence has in fact been Gopi Krishna’s own life, and that of the 

numerous other “saints”, “mystics” and “prophets” with which the history and 

literature of every country is littered.

For Gopi Krishna started out as a relatively average man, a mere minor civil servant 

in an Indian province who even flunked his college entrance exams and showed no 

great talent of any kind in his youth. But by his middle age, following his 

“awakening” he had to turn away flocks of visitors to his home, who on hearing of his 

awakening had come seeking “miracle cures” for diseases and health problems.

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