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Chapter One

A Theory to Unite Religion and Science

In an age when teachers in general and religious teachings of any kind in particular 

are sneered at, ignored, and disrespected by the larger part of the public and scientific 

community, just why should we listen to some old and now deceased “guru type” 

gentleman who used to live in Kashmir in India, and whom we very well may never 

have heard of before?

The answer is - because he probably has the key to solving all the world’s current 

problems with one idea alone.

But why if this man has brought us a vital and indispensable truth, without which 

we will all plunge into social chaos, global war and probable extinction, haven’t we 

heard about him already, why are not his theories urgently discussed, debated and 

taught in churches, colleges, universities and schools?

We shall explain presently.

According to the gospel of Gopi Krishna, what we do not know but desperately 
should, and in fact which information should be the common property of all members 

of the human race above the age of six, is that human beings are still evolving 

biologically speaking.

Though no one can deny that we have obviously evolved somewhat as a species 

since the times of Neanderthal or Peking Man, whose bones were in the last century 

found in China where they had lain for well over a quarter of a million years, it is the 

common belief of science, that for the moment at least, the human being is a finished 

product and undergoing only societal, but not biological change.

Thus the new idea Gopi Krishna has brought with him is regarded with suspicion or 
contempt from the outset, and even if true, has been lost amongst the mass of modern 

thought, to the degree, that the average man has not remotely seen it at this point in 


Were the suggestion that we are still evolving not adequate to invite scientific 

derision by itself, he has said something even more offensive and dramatic, which is 

to suggest that evolution in general is not dictated by some series of random cosmic 

accidents as modern Darwinian evolutionists would have us believe.

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