Page 6 - Kundalini.Preventing.the.Apocalypse
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Although his natural modesty and lack of showmanship did not enable him to meet 

as many as he would otherwise have desired, his many and varied works show an 
almost encyclopaedic range of reading in literature, science, philosophy and religion, 

and an acutely analytical mind.

But unlike the many modern gurus with whom we are familiar, he sought no 

followers as such, desired no cult of personality built around him, and his manner and 

appearance was likewise unremarkable, and likely disappointing to those who sought 

out a teacher or holy man of the exhibitionistic and glamorous kind.

For he desired no statues nor reverence, but only to pass on an urgent message.

That message was that we must understand this biological evolutionary mechanism 
operating in every human body, and the laws which govern it, so that we can adjust 

our whole society to one of peace and harmony once more, and create the optimal 

environment to awaken this energy, and thereby create the geniuses and wise men and 

women of the future, whom our current mixed-up world so very desperately needs.

His discovery in modern times of the full details of this kundalini mechanism is of 

vital importance, as it is the only factor which can explain both the existence of the 

religious impulse in man and the appearance of all the prophets, thus forming a 

common basis uniting not only the scientific and religious worlds, but also 

simultaneously the currently diverse and warring religious factions throughout the 


For Gopi Krishna this discovery of the biological basis of religion and evolution 

came hand with hand with the revelation that there are hidden laws in Nature, beyond 

those currently known to science.

These still unknown laws may only be transgressed at man’s peril, and the 

consequences of this persistent digression we are now seeing all around us in the form 

of earthquakes, plagues, floods and other natural and man-made disasters.

But in this scientifically advanced era, such disasters may, as Gopi Krishna has 

suggested, additionally include a devastating nuclear war, which for the first time in 

man’s history has the power to kill enough instantly and leave a sufficiently poisoned 
environment in its wake which could theoretically make the whole race extinct.

In the light of Gopi Krishna’s work it is clear that only a return to spiritual values 

can save the world from disaster and bring a lasting peace, but in the modern age, 

such a revision of human thought must be appealing and acceptable to the 

scientifically informed mind.

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