Page 5 - Kundalini.Preventing.the.Apocalypse
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According to Gopi Krishna, this is to suggest that any human being who can 

successfully awaken this power can in the space of less than a decade or two become 
a genius, a saint or an enlightened man or woman.

Why is this so staggering?

Because it means that we can create geniuses to order who can then solve all the 

problems of our world, which currently our existing experts cannot.

We see so many unsolved problems before us, both in the scientific and secular 

fields, which are apparently beyond our current scientific and specialist minds - a 

genuine cure for cancer, how to create pollution free energy, have a stable economy 

and agriculture, eradicate terrorism, crime and drug addiction, and create political and 
social harmony for all.

Such problems are taxing our finest minds every day, but as the months and years 

pass the problems seem to continue unabated and even grow progressively worse.

If there is to be any solution to our problems at all, it is clear that a new kind of 

visionary and more advanced man must be born, and if there is no time for him to be 

born, we must make him, and with this evolutionary mechanism known as kundalini, 

we have the only known way that this superman or woman who alone can find the 
answers to our never ending dilemmas and guide us through our current darkest and 

most dangerous era can be made.

But according to Gopi Krishna, this solution does not lie in the realms of fantasy, 

but of fact.

For him, his main evidence was his whole life, which he has recorded in two 

detailed biographies and added further supporting information and explanation to in 

the form of around fifteen published books and numerous spoken lectures, many of 

which are available in the form of audio recordings and are left to us in posterity.

But he was fully aware that, in this modern age, only scientific research could 

verify his personal discovery of this evolutionary energy centre in himself, and the 

mental and physical heights to which it enabled him to rise.

For in his life and works we see how an originally rather primitively educated and 

otherwise undistinguished man rose to become a globetrotting lecturer and author who 

in his lifetime attracted the attention of many thousands of followers, and the personal 

contact of even luminaries in modern physics such as Niels Bohr, philosophers like T 
H Huxley, and an invitation to become a governor in India, which he turned down.

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