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In the title of this book is made an unprecedented and seemingly incredible claim:- 

that this chaotic and dangerous modern world we live in, plagued by crime, terrorism, 

war, famine and epidemics of diseases - many of which like AIDS, were unheard of 

before the twentieth century - can be restored to safety and order merely as a result of 
the proper understanding and acceptance of the literary and spoken works of a 

virtually unknown man, who had no university degrees or little formal conventional 

education and died in India in 1984.

The reason such a statement now seems incredible to our modern ears and eyes is 

that we are used to thinking that any problem of our increasingly complex world must 

have an equally complex solution.

Our lives are now ruled by a science and technology which few of us can 

understand and even experts in one area of science have little or no understanding of 

those in another.

In politics, economics and even in the psychological field of human relationships, 

likewise we are told that only the so called experts with degrees, certificates and years 

of training can reliably investigate our problems and diagnose their solutions. But 

again we find no conclusive direction in their differing opinions and remedies, and the 

world seems to remain in a turmoil that daily grows ever worse.

According to this one man however, Gopi Krishna, whose works and ideas are the 

main subject of this book, we search wrongly for complex answers to our problems, 

when there has been a much simpler solution lying in wait for us all along.

How this one big idea can solve all our problems however only becomes clear 

when we can see how gigantic it really is, when we can in some shock even partially 

realise its universal application and importance, and all its virtually unlimited benefits 

and ramifications.

Yet the basic idea is simplicity itself, and not beyond any averagely educated 
modern mind to understand.

For the central theme of Gopi Krishna’s numerous works, is that there is a 

biological energy centre in the body, currently unknown to modern science, but 

located at the base of the spine, which can be activated by suitable techniques and 

cause the human nervous system and brain to evolve.

Before we dismiss this as science fiction we should consider first what would be 

the implication if such an idea were actually true.

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