Page 21 - Kundalini.Preventing.the.Apocalypse
P. 21

It is difficult to read this book even once, it is so awful when portrayed in such grim 

detail, that one could hardly bring oneself to look at it again. But look at this scenario 
at least once in the face, we must, if we are to realise the awful predicament we are 

caught in.

Were that slim volume of “prophetic horror” issued as standard educational 

material in every school and college in the industrialized West, it is quite likely that 

the call to dismantle and eradicate these weapons from our world would grow so loud, 

that even the mightiest national governments could not long resist it, and would then 

be prompted to make international agreements to disassemble these weapons completely 

and abolish them once and for all from our lives.

The reason that such knowledge would motivate the young to rebellion would be 
that in children and youths the survival instinct is not yet dulled. Students rebel, but 

forty year olds with spouses, property and mortgages to protect, rarely do. By then, 

they have careers and families and too much invested in the system as it stands to 

wish to “rock the boat.”

So understandably, such information is not placed in front of the young, and 

seldom even before the fearful and conservative old. The “elders” in the political 

machines feel they must protect us from knowledge of the deadly game that is 

happening behind the scenes.

Into this seemingly intractable scenario Gopi Krishna suggests the thing that must 

be done, is that an ideological and philosophical change must sweep the world, to 
pave the way for peaceful multi-lateral disarmament.

This change, in his opinion, can be brought about only by the widespread 

knowledge and correct scientific understanding of kundalini, the evolutionary 

mechanism in us all, because this is the only possible uniting factor between all the 

differing cultures, races, countries and mentalities in the entire world.

That is, such information of our common evolutionary destiny and fundamentally 
spiritual origin, when assimilated by the population generally, would motivate a 

widespread call to end these dangerous material obsessions and consequent 

international conflicts, by putting the spiritual and evolutionary path at the top of our 

agenda, instead of the luxury seeking, death denying culture we have now.

We have witnessed several nuclear accidents already, most famously Chernobyl, 

and in his works The Purpose of Yoga and The Present Crisis (1981), Gopi Krishna 

discusses the possibility of terrorists or gangsters sooner or later obtaining such 
weapons of mass destruction, with which they might be able to hold whole cities or 

countries to ransom, that obviously is another plausible gateway to the horrors with 

which we are familiar of despotic and tyrannical rule.

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