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Chapter Three

The Psychology of Global Suicide

Throughout his many lectures and books – in the first instance and most famously – 

The Shape of Events to Come (1968) – Gopi Krishna has been at the greatest pains to 

point out that the human survival instinct has become blunted, and how in the age of 

unseen and increasingly unmentioned nuclear arsenals - enough to wipe the entire 
race out many times over – we are all really living in a “sword of Damocles” scenario, 

facing the possibility of instant mass extinction at any moment in time, yet blundering 

on wholly regardless as if there were nothing to fear.

The media is awash right now with talk of “weapons of mass destruction”, and the 

governments of the West are in meltdown about how to handle the fears of “terrorist 

threats”, and which country to invade next in their alleged efforts to prevent the 

proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Above all, the concern is of the nuclear ones, as they can be fired from such a long 

distance, arrive so quickly and kill so indiscriminately so many millions who can have 

no hope of survival or escape, which chance typically always exists in the case of the 
biological weapons, for which protective masks, clothing or natural immunity may 

give some element of hope.

The absolute horror of a nuclear war is no longer seriously considered by the 

people at large. It is a “head in the sand” stance, and in fact, according to Gopi 

Krishna, there has long been a deliberate media blackout on the subject, so as not to 

disturb the unwitting masses, who like a vast herd of lambs in a field, are wholly 

unaware that the slaughter is on its way.

In The Shape of Events to Come Gopi Krishna describes in the most gory detail, the 

objective reality of a real nuclear war, in which all the support mechanisms of 
mankind would break down – communications, transport, hospitals and medical care, 

and perhaps worst of all food and water supplies - leaving the few percent burned and 

scarred survivors to a lingering and agonised death, helpless, in torment, and with no 

conceivable hope of human aid.

The recent horrors caused by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans have perhaps given 

us a frightening foretaste of what the aftermath of a major disaster could look like, but 

added to that of course would be the far wider chaos caused by multiples strikes on a 
number of cities and locations and huge clouds of deadly radiation floating all over 

our lands and communities putting potentially millions into a near certain but painful, 

lingering death, likely without any kind of medical services available to offer relief 

and no food nor water safe to eat or drink.

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