Page 19 - Kundalini.Preventing.the.Apocalypse
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Gopi Krishna did not say he was one-hundred percent correct, a totally flawless and 

infallible man.

He did not say he had all the answers.

But what he did say was that he had what appears to be the only plausible 

explanation for life on this planet which can be integrated into existing scientific 

knowledge, simultaneously explaining the appearance of geniuses, mediums, 

psychics and prophets, and accounting for all the vast ranks of books of religious 

scripture and faith which have influenced the mass of the people for most of recorded 

history, at all times and places.

Gopi Krishna wished to urge the world’s scientific and atheist materialist 

community to please answer the child’s questions more honestly – to request above all 

that the scientific and atheistic community puts into its vocabulary on these issues the 

phrase – we do not know.

How did life originate on this planet?

We do not know for certain (we have only THEORIES).

Have evolutionary mutations and therefore new species been produced by random 

We do not know (we have only THEORIES).

Is there some kind of all-powerful, all pervading intelligence behind the universe, 

commonly referred to as “God”?

We do not know (we have only THEORIES).

Then, we can have an honest open enquiry into the many questions of “life, the 

universe and everything” which must be answered, to find if it is possible to assign 
any proper meaning to, and create balance in our lives, without which any half- 

conscious commentator on the modern world can see that we shall soon reach some 

kind of self-created or naturally occurring extinction and oblivion.

So let us have this enquiry afresh now please, before it is too late.

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