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Basically he pointed out that Nature is not wasteful of resources as are we, and 

moreover this is all due to the almost total super-emphasis on the bodily and material 
attributes of man at the expense of his soul - that soul, you will recall, which modern 

scientists proclaim there is no evidence or reason to say exists.

They say there is no meaning, no purpose to life – but let us remember - they do not 

know how life began on this planet, and therefore although they may have a list of 

(typically seven) characteristics to define it – ultimately they do not know what life is.

The questions the evolutionist biologists and scientists wish to answer without our 

consent for the rest of us are:

a) Is there anything special about humans as compared to the other animals?

b) Is there a God or Universal Intelligence watching over us and acting via the laws of 

Nature with some kind of plan for us?

c) Is there any such thing as a human soul which might even persist beyond the death 

of the physical body?

To all of these they give a resounding NO - but as we shall see, without any real 

evidence, consideration or investigation of the alternative explanations.

So when the little boy or girl first enquires – where did I come from mummy/daddy? 

– it appears they wish us only to reply – from primordial slime, my dearest, and to 

that shall you return.

The rest of this work shall seek to justify at the very least, adequate grounds for an 

honest and truly scientific enquiry into what appears to be the only plausible 

alternative explanation to this totally vital and indispensable meaning of life question, 

which we have now been persuaded is irrelevant, meaningless and wasteful of our 


And at best, we shall show a way forward rich with meaning, purpose and 

significance, and which can and should alight the questioning eyes of every enquiring 

child of our time, no matter of what disposition, location or age.

The current scientific explanation of the “origin of species”, and above all, the 

explanation for the appearance and origin of man, simply does not satisfy any 

searching human brain, except it seems for one which subsists in some kind of morbid 

existentialist mindset and has given up all hope of real happiness in life.

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