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In the wake of this anti-religious doctrine, preached from the highest pulpits of the 

scientific academic world, all that is left is a demoralised, faithless and luxury 
obsessed society who are all slugging it out for the lion’s share of the material 

“spoonful”, as in Willie Dixon’s song, later immortalized by British 1960s rock group 


Men lies about it

Some of them cries about it
Some of them dies about it

Everything's a-fightin' about the spoonful.

- a song and rendition with Eric Clapton’s wailing guitar that expresses so well the 

ambitions, angst and degradation of living in the battle zone of the spiteful and 

virtually cut-throat competitive Western capitalist society.

Is it any wonder that we have political leaders such as former British Prime 

Minister, Mrs Thatcher, saying quite calmly and coldly in one of her public speeches:

‘. . . there is no such thing as society. . .’

Yes, that is true – we are citizens no more, but merely competing, consuming units.

Whatever one thinks of Mrs Thatcher, it has to be accepted that she has expressed a 

broad social truth which is applicable to most of the people right now, for most of the 


But why the blame for this must arguably be placed at the scientist’s feet is that 

the consequence of this Darwinian philosophical stance, is that we accept not only as 

normal, but inevitable, the keep-up-with-the-Jones’s rat race society, which demands 
we must strive ever harder to stay ahead in the material race, or otherwise be frowned 

at and looked down upon as “unfashionable”, not “with it”, “uncool” or whatever 

other ego-assaulting phraseology is currently in vogue with which to humiliate and 

degrade us and our fellow citizens with.

But once again, our friends, the scientists, have little to say on this subject of the 

tyranny of social status and fashion – they are too busy inventing the next new thing 

which we will be persuaded we need to purchase and exhibit, in order to persuade our 

fellow consumers and neighbours that we have a legitimate right to exist.

Gopi Krishna however had a great deal to say on the subject.

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